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What is Commercial General Liability Insurance?

Commercial general liability insurance shields businesses from liability claims originating from injuries or loss that your business may have caused to third-party individuals or their property that are not part of your company. These cover unprofessional acts of negligence by a business, such as advertising injury, business operations or harm to customers.

In the absence of an insurance policy, such events could result in the business paying legal and medical expenses, punitive and compensatory damages, or even face a lawsuit. Furthermore, commercial general liability insurance is also referred to as general liability insurance and business liability insurance.

Is Business Liability Insurance Worth The Cost?

It is advisable for commercial organizations of all types to make preparations for liability concerns. As more and more people are becoming aware of their rights, there is an increased exposure to risks associated with commercial general liability in our modern confrontational society. Occurrences such as external party injuries or property destruction claims can be insured through Miami business liability insurance which looks after both the sides involved and the operations exposure of completed products. Contact us today if you’re looking for commercial liability insurance for your business.

What Does Commercial General Liability Insurance Cover?

Business liability insurance Miami offers coverage from third-party liability claims. More specifically, it provides security from third-party bodily injuries and property damage, product liability, and personal and advertising injuries. If a customer sustains injuries due to an accident at your business premises, such insurance can look after their medical bills and your legal expenses if they decide to sue the company. Similarly, any impairment to their property is also covered by liability insurance. Moreover, financial losses or lawsuits related to the manufacturing, distribution, or sale of products come under product liability. Lastly, personal and advertising injuries refer to a business being sued due to slander, copyright infringement, or libel, with general liability insurance seeing to the legal costs and its resulting settlement.

Does Commercial Liability Insurance Protect Against Data Breaches?

A large majority of commercial liability insurance policies do not offer any preservation in case of internet exposures. However, if that is something you require for your business, then the best option for coverage from various types of exposures that online companies or that functioning virtually are purchasing is called a Cyber Liability Policy, also referred to as Security Liability or Privacy. Such an insurance policy covers business liability in case of a data breach of customers private information, such as credit card numbers, driver’s license numbers, social security numbers, account numbers, and health records.

Is Commercial General Liability and Professional Liability Insurance The Same?

As discussed above, general liability insurance is required for coverage from third-party injuries, damages, personal liability, and advertising injuries. In contrast, professional liability insurance protects from disputes arising from the standard of professional services. While the two types may sound the same, it is vital to understand their differences.

Professional Liability Insurance

Professional services require specialized protection beyond standard commercial liability insurance. Doctors, lawyers, insurance agents, and accountants turn to professional liability insurance to safeguard against lawsuits and dissatisfied clients.

General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance provides financial assistance to businesses for legal expenses and accidental medical payments. However, media and advertising professionals require additional coverage for advertising injuries, which is provided by media liability insurance.

Professional Liability Insurance

Who Requires General Liability Insurance?

Businesses open to public

Businesses such as malls, grocery stores, and salons that allow customers or members of the public into their premises have exposure to risks associated with general liability.

Task-focused business

Construction companies or industries manufacturing explosive or hazardous items have a greater chance of third-party injuries, whose costs can be covered by commercial liability insurance.

Businesses involved with digital media

In the digital age, every other business is making use of social media and other digital channels to market their products and services, which can lead to advertising injuries.

Safeguard Your Business With Commercial General Liability Insurance Miami, Florida

Imagine putting in years of hard work and committing to your business, only to watch all your efforts come crashing down over a slight mishap that gets your business sued. No one, including us, would want to be in such a compromisingly miserable situation. Let’s face it, today nearly 52% of civil lawsuits are directed at small businesses. In such uncertain times, it’s always a better option to keep your business safeguarded by being aware of the insurance suitable for it’s potential risks and losses.


Understanding Business Liability Insurance:

Similar to a one-stop shop where you get to secure all your desired goods, is the business liability insurance. It allows its customers to get access to a wide range of insurance, like worker compensation insurance and auto insurance, all, under the umbrella of general liability insurance.


Moreover, living in an immensely litigious society, it is important to create a secure ground for all the hard work put into one’s business. As it would be in a matter of seconds, one’s business may come tumbling down to the ground. For this reason, general liability insurance is usually the first and most preferred choice of insurance for many businesses.


Exploring The Types of Business Liability Insurance Miami

Miami business liability insurance secures your business from losses in the domain of services, operations, and employee damage or security. To gain a deeper insight into the types of commercial general liability insurance, keep reading further!


Product Liability

The product liability insurance can be used in the following scenarios: When a customer gets food poisoning from eating spoilt food from your eatery when a pair of leggings designed for endurance training gets torn in the first few weeks of its use, or when a hair product aimed to promote hair growth causes adverse effects to your scalp like itching or irritation, not standing by the companies claims. In such cases, covers any losses, illness, injury, or damage caused by the products manufactured by your company and aims to make any medical or legal reparations required.


Accidental Injuries

Accidental injuries are usually caused by a business’s property and can be manifested in the following scenarios: When a construction site using heavy tools and equipment mistakenly tosses their tool onto a nearby moving car injuring the passengers. When a chandelier in a banquet falls over the guests, or when a customer falls over the stairs of a building as it didn’t have a railing attached to it.


In the above-mentioned scenarios, general liability insurance helps by securing the medical and/or legal costs required in the accident or injury of the person.


Reputational liability

Operating a business requires one to come out and face the competitors surrounding your market. But when a competitor, fraudulent or a personal claim, starts to target the reputation of your business, things can get heated up. In such situations, the general liability insurance Florida comes to rescue the long-standing reputation of your business and aims to preserve your hard work of years.


Here are some examples where one may employ a reputational liability:


When your business is sued for copyright, infringement, or violation of privacy, when one business claims that your business has copied their idea of advertising or manufacturing products, or a person claims to sue you for bad-quality products and tarnishes your reputation over social media.


Property Liability

Property Liability, as the name suggests aims to repair any damage caused to a third-party property. When a business service, operation, or employee causes damage to a consumer’s property, property liability may make reparations by replacing, repairing, or paying the cost for the damage done. Property insurance liability may be used in the following cases: when a lawn mower service damages your parked vehicle, a plumbing service worsens a shower mechanism and a renovation company causes additional damage to your home walls, causing seepage.


Bonus Liability Insurance to Consider

Concerning third-party accountability claims, Florida business liability insurance offers substantial coverage. Regardless of the nature of your organization, There are some other types of useful insurance to take into account for your business.


The following are a few examples of frequent insurance policies combined with a general insurance policy:

  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Employees are given benefits under worker compensation insurance in light of unfortunate circumstances, that if they are hurt or ill while at work or on-site. This kind of insurance includes death payouts in addition to coverage for lost wages and medical expenses.

  • Environmental Liability Insurance

If your company is sued for different types of environmental contamination, pollution liability insurance will pay the legal fees, emergency response costs, and/or cleanup expenses. These pollution occurrences may be unforeseen, gradual, or caused by mold or fungus.

  • Autocomericial Insurance

Businesses with one or more automobiles employ commercial auto insurance. When business vehicles are involved in accidents that result in property damage or bodily harm, this kind of insurance offers coverage. In case they are stolen, damaged, or vandalized, the actual vehicles are also taken care of, by insurance.


For all business savvy leaders, it is important to note that not all general liability insurance policies are created identically, which is why some may benefit more from others, while some may have certain restrictions. Being one of the leading companies in the insurance industry, GGA Insurance Group aims to offer secure and reliable services to the entire United States, South and Central America as well as the Caribbean.


Established with the goal of providing access to insurance products to the global market worldwide, GGA Insurance Group with its longstanding decades of experience, provides products to the International trade, Marine, and Shipping companies. Alongside an exceptional market experience, GGA Insurace Group has specially designed insurance programs for construction industries with a special emphasis on contractors and our STAR program that caters to auto-rental companies.

If you’re still looking around for what insurance best fits your business or you’re searching for a customized insurance plan for your business. You’ve landed on just the right stop, as we make your insurance experience a smooth sail with the help of our trained industry experts who will help you find the missing pieces of the puzzle that your business needs. Contact our team today for your free insurance analysis and quote.

What Makes Commercial General Liability Insurance Important for Businesses?

Commercial general liability insurance safeguards businesses from some of the most common risks associated with them. In case a customer falls at your business premises or if your operations accidentally impair someone else’s property, business liability insurance covers the legal and medical costs arising from such situations. Additionally, this policy renders protection from advertising and personal injuries like copyright infringement or libel.

Other than that, small businesses have an essential requirement to get general liability insurance if they wish to apply for a contract, lease, or loan. For instance, a landlord may only finalize your commercial lease upon seeing the certificate of general liability insurance. Even if your business is renting a commercial property, there is no guarantee that no harm would be extended to the property. Given this happens, the landlord may ask for reimbursement for the damage. All such costs are covered by commercial general liability insurance in Florida.

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Is Commercial Liability Insurance Required By Law?

Commercial liability insurance isn’t a legal requirement for your business. However, some usually mandate it for specific industries, such as cannabis or construction. While it isn’t necessarily a mandatory step from the legal perspective, it’s more than likely to be demanded by your mortgage company, clients, landlord, and business partners. A landlord or potential client may ask for an ACORD certificate of insurance as verification that your business is capable of handling lawsuits regarding property damage or personal injury. Meanwhile, the certificate also assures your bank or property manager that they would not be stuck with the expenses of your lawsuits.

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What is Not Covered in Commercial General Liability Insurance?

While it is imperative for businesses of all sizes to sign up for commercial general liability insurance, it, unfortunately, fails to cater to all your coverage needs. Some of these include:

Professional liability insurance grants protection from lawsuits originating from professional mistakes such as missed deadlines or failure to deliver quality services. This policy applies to professions like architects, interior designers, tax preparers, accountants, and more.

On the other hand, in the instance of an employee injury, worker’s compensation is the insurance policy that covers their medical bills and disability expenses, given that the injury took place while they were on duty. It is an essential requirement for business in most states, and although it is mostly pursued by labor-intensive businesses, house cleaners, computer repair professionals, photographers, and other professions like these can also benefit from it.

Lawsuit expenses stemming from matters such as employee harrasment, wrongful terminations, and discrimination is covered by Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI). Some examples of industries going for EPLI include food services, healthcare, retail and manufacturing.

Commercial liability insurance Miami excludes the coverage of expenses concerning vehicles that comes under commercial use. Most of the states demand that such vehicles should be under the umbrella of commercial auto insurance. However, personal, rented, or leased vehicles that are used for commercial purposes fall under hired and non-owned auto insurance, which can be supplemented to business liability insurance.

Liquor liability insurance caters to the legal expenses springing from accidents caused by people becoming intoxicated while being present at your business premises. Such accidents include drunk driving, vandalism, and assault. This policy is mainly recommended for businesses that serve alcoholic beverages. You can either incorporate the policy into Miami business liability insurance or buy it as a stand-alone policy. Some of the sectors that must get business liability insurance are restaurants, wine-tasting locations, convenience stores, food trucks, and breweries.

With regard to the matter of replacing stolen property of a business, it is the Business Owner’s Policy that sees to such events. It also offers assistance when business property has been damaged due to natural disasters, fire, or vandalism. BOP combines aspects of Florida general liability insurance and commercial property insurance.

This combination is ideal for businesses with low risks, such as religious organizations, advertising agencies, spas, and more. Simultaneously, a Commercial Package Policy also offers the same coverage but is opted for by mid to large-sized businesses, giving them the option of broad underwriting and personalized coverage limits.

How Much General Liability Insurance is Enough For a Business?

With the escalating trends of liability issues, it is now more integral for businesses to seek commercial general liability insurance. With GGA Insurance Group, you can rest easy without worrying about any liability threat coming your way.

If you’re buying commercial liability insurance to fulfil the requirement of a lease or contract, it is vital to ensure that the coverage aligns with the requested policy limits. If not, then you must aim for a coverage amount that is sufficient for your business needs. This is mandatory so that you can handle lawsuit payments without any hurdles if your business ends up being sued. An easy way to arrive at the right coverage amount is by considering your business operations, its size, and the number of employees in order to estimate your potential risks and losses accurately.

Frequently asked questions

The cost of general liability insurance Miami premiums depends on a few factors of your business. These include the amount of coverage, business location, type of industry, number of employees, and risk factors. You must also consider your business’s gross sales, payroll, units, area, or subcontractor’s costs. For an accurate estimate, contact us today!

Like any business, independent contractors are equally likely to get sued or held responsible for customer injuries, advertising injuries, and customer property damage. In the absence of a physical location for your business, a Business Owner’s Policy or Commercial Property Insurance may not be required. However, you would still need business liability insurance Florida.

Some additional exclusions from general liability insurance include defense costs associated with intentional copyright infringement or intentional ignorance – since these can be a criminal offense. Thus, it is essential to get a comprehensive overview of your policy to obtain a clear understanding of the terms it does and doesn’t cover.

Both occurrence and claims-made forms provide protection against: third-party property damage or injury by a business through products or operations, personal and advertising injury, medical payments, fire damage, legal liability, non-owned watercraft, and more. They also provide automatic protection to newly established organizations for 90 days. Contact our commercial liability insurance Miami team to learn more about how our agency can help you.

The main purpose of general liability insurance Miami is to alleviate the financial loss resulting from a liability lawsuit. In addition, to a standard commercial liability insurance, your business may require policies such as errors and omissions, directors and officers, cyber liability, and important practices coverage.

There are certain regulated sectors that are bound to purchase general liability insurance. Besides that, clients demand contractors to have commercial liability insurance for coverage before they start bidding for a project. Lastly, your landlord may require business liability insurance if you’re renting their property for commercial use.

The commercial general liability insurance Florida has a section called advertising injury coverage. This safeguards your business against lawsuits linked to libel, invasion of privacy, slander, or copyright infringement. This means that if your social media marketing campaign goes wrong or you’re sued for negative comments, business liability insurance has got your back.

Purchasing additional insurance after some time is not an issue with us. You can talk to our insurance agents about your new needs, and they will adjust your coverage amount. If you still need other types of insurance or wish to explore your options, our professional insurance experts are at your disposal.