Class Code: 9600

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Code 9600 is applicable to insureds engaged in the business of taxidermy. Taxidermy refers to the reproduction of creatures such as birds, fish or mammals in whole or in part for display purposes. The goal of the process is to produce the display so that the attributes of the creature such as color, size and other identifying marks are incorporated, making the display appear as lifelike as possible. Taxidermy operations may also include the manufacture of mounting boards and/or cases to exhibit work. Code 9600 additionally contemplates these operations.

Taxidermists may incorporate portions of a creature’s body such as skin, fur, scales or feathers into the display or may create the display exclusively using manufactured materials. The latter method is often based on the “catch and release” system, especially as it relates to fishing. The person desiring a souvenir of the caught fish will photograph and/or note its distinguishing features prior to releasing it. This information is reported to the taxidermist, who, using manufactured materials and artistic skill, will produce the display for the customer. This method is also used to enable a fisher to have a permanent record of “the one that got away.”

For classification purposes, Code 9600 contemplates all taxidermy operations, whether the materials used to create the displays are made from portions of the creature’s body or are exclusively synthetic materials or a combination of both. This conclusion is based on the fact that whether the materials are natural or synthetic, taxidermists will engage for the most part in similar activities involving artwork such as drawing or painting, sculpting, molding, carpentry or other woodworking or craftsperson activities.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 1.91

Construction Exemption Required: No