Class Code: 9586

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Code 9586 is applied to insureds that provide personal grooming services for both men and women involving hair, scalp, face and hands. The services include hair shampooing, dyeing, styling, cutting, shaping, straightening, setting, drying, permanent waving and wig or hairpiece fitting; and facial massage, eyebrow tweezing, shaving, mustache and beard trimming, fingernail care and cosmetology. Indoor suntan provided by use of ultraviolet lamps or other means is also assigned to this classification when performed by beauty parlors or barbershops. Some shops will provide services at customers’ homes or at hospitals. Code 9586 also includes barber or beauty parlor schools and tanning parlors that operate as separate businesses.

Additionally, Code 9586 contemplates “make-over salons,” where individuals may receive all or some of the above services and also may receive massages and/or partake of steam bath facilities. Refer to Code 9063 for health spas or massage or steam room facilities operating as independent businesses. Refer to 9063 for tanning parlors operating in conjunction with health or exercise institutes.

Insureds engaged in the business of tattooing or body piercing are additionally contemplated by Code 9586. These operations are analogous to beauty salon work involving dyes and needles to affix permanent eyebrows and eyeliners to a customer’s face. Body piercing in this context refers to puncturing a body part such as an earlobe, to enable the customer to wear earrings or other ornamental decorations that are intended to be worn on a punctured body part. Body piercing operations that take place at a jewelry store whose principal business is the sale of jewelry are assigned to the appropriate store code.

State Addendum
Massachusetts Code 9586 also includes barber or beauty parlor schools that operate commercial shops, servicing paying customers. Refer to Codes 8868 and 9101 when such schools engage exclusively in classroom teaching, with no paying customers.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 0.47

Construction Exemption Required: No