Class Code: 9501

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Applies to employers in the business of painting in the employer’s shop or those employers performing sign painting or lettering at a customer’s premises.

Code 9501 does not include the painting of goods manufactured by an employer. Painting operations of this nature are considered incidental to the appropriate manufacturing classification and are assigned to the appropriate manufacturing code.

Articles painted may include goods manufactured by others or component parts made from wood, metal, glass, leather or plastic. The operations include the preparation of the paint-receiving surface, which may involve degreasing, sanding or wire brushing; the application of paint by hand brushing, rolling, spraying or dipping; and drying in ovens using infrared lamps or natural ventilation. As Code 9501 includes drivers, pick-up or delivery of articles to be painted is included in this code.

This classification is assigned to specialists that perform shop painting or lettering of real estate signs, which may include incidental cutting to special sizes, provided no erection, repair or maintenance operations are performed. Also, specialists that perform painting and wood grain printing of moldings, coating of moldings with vinyl plastic, and glazing of metal bakery pans are assigned to Code 9501. Specialists who strip furniture or strip and refinish furniture, provided these specialists do not repair of the furniture, are also included in this classification.

Code 9501 additionally assigned to employers that use dipping methods to coat objects with nonmetallic substances such as nonstick surfaces for cooking utensils, or dipping to place graphic designs on materials.

Although Code 9501 is primarily intended for painting operations that take place in a shop, an exception is made for employers that perform interior sign painting or lettering at a customer’s location. These operations may include sign painting or lettering by hand on doors, store window interiors or interior walls. Shops maintained by these employers, that are used to store paints, thinners, brushes and any other equipment necessary for the employer’s operations, are additionally assigned to Code 9501. Refer to Code 9554 for exterior painting of signs or lettering.

Specialists offering advertising display services involving the installation or removal of advertising cards in or on vehicles are assigned to this classification.

Refer to Code 9505 for shop painting of vehicles. Refer to Code 5474 for additional painting operations.

The following describes computerized plastic or vinyl sign manufacturing operations, that may be classified to either Code 4299 or 9501.

The sign manufacturers under consideration will typically use plastic or vinyl materials, a desktop computer attached to an electronic scoring device and small knives. Some may also use drills and circular or jig saws to fabricate boards upon which the lettering is mounted. The computer is used in conjunction with the electronic scoring apparatus to die-cut the plastic or vinyl into letters or other graphic shapes. The small knives are used to hand lift the cut letters or graphics from the vinyl sheets. The letters or graphics are then affixed to various mounting materials, which may include wood or plastic. These mounting materials may be purchased precut from others or fabricated by the employer.

An employer performing the above operations is classified to Code 4299 if the employer does not manufacture or prepare the mounting surfaces. Employers that perform the above operations and do manufacture or prepare mounting surfaces are classified to Code 9501. Codes 4299 and 9501 must not apply at the same location.

Codes 5474 and 9501 include electrostatic painting. The process involves painting a surface using a “painting gun.” An electrostatic field is created between the gun and the surface, which draws the paint to the surface to be painted. If an employer performs both shop and exterior electrostatic painting operations, assign Code 5474 to the entire operation. Code 9501 is assigned to an employer that operates exclusively in electrostatic painting in the employer’s shop.


(N/A FL, MA, TX, VA)

Note:  Includes designing and cutting letters or graphics and mounting on premanufactured surfaces of fabric, metal, plastic, or wood and the cutting, forming or molding of mounting surfaces. Codes 4299 and 9501 must not be assigned to the same employer unless the operations described by these classifications are conducted as separate and distinct businesses. Sign installation, maintenance, repair, removal, or replacement away from the shop are to be separately rated to 9521 or Code 9554.


(N/A MA, TX, VA)

Note:  Codes 2881, 2883 and 9501 must not be assigned to the same risk unless the operations described by these classifications are conducted as separate and distinct businesses. Sign installation, maintenance, repair, removal or replacement away from shop to be separately rated as Code 9521 or 9554.


(N/A MA, TX)

Note:  Includes shop operations. Codes 9501 and 9554 or 5474 must not be assigned at the same job or location.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 2.21

Construction Exemption Required: No