Class Code: 9410

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Applies to governmental occupations described in the phraseology note as well as tax assessors, property appraisers, tax collectors, toll collectors, directors of public works not in direct charge of work and welfare workers. Representative municipal occupations assigned to classifications other than Code 9410 and their respective classification assignments are:

Animal Control Officers 8831
Attendants—Juvenile Home 7720
Attorney—City 8820
Bookmobile Driver 7380
Court Officer (Bailiff) 7720
City Manager 8810
Doctors—Health Department 8832 and 8833 (see below)
Firefighters 7710 and 7711
Garbage Collectors 9403
Garbage Works 7590
Janitors 9015
Judge—City 8810
Mayor and Commissioners 8810
Municipal Garage 8380
Police Officers 7720
Probation Officers 7720
Recreation Department 9102
School Board Employees 8868
Sewage Treatment 7580
Sewer Construction 6306
Snow Removal 9402
Street Cleaning 9402
Street Construction 5506 and 5507
Visiting Nurses 8835
Waterworks 7520

The assignment of the above occupations to Code 9410 and other code numbers listed is in no way intended to supersede the General Inclusion rule of the Basic Manual. For example, employees exclusively performing maintenance and repair of police vehicles are assigned to Code 7720. The assignment of Code 8380 has been restricted to those municipal garages that service or repair vehicles for more than one department in a “motor pool” arrangement.

An additional example of including employments typically found in an enterprise to the one best code applicable to that enterprise is the assignment of Code 7580 to a sewage treatment or disposal plant operated by a governmental agency. As evidenced by this code’s scope, the extension of pipelines from this type of plant, when performed by the entity operating the plant, is assigned to Code 7580, not Code 6306. Code 6306 would only be applicable to a governmental agency that conducts operations included in Code 6306 (e.g., the construction of a sewer system).

Doctors and health departments may be classified to either Code 8832 or Codes 8833 and 9040. Refer to these scopes for information regarding the assignment of these classifications. Coroners are public officials who investigate deaths thought to have resulted from other than natural causes. As Code 7720 includes all employees of police departments except clerical office employees, coroners who are employees of police departments are classified to Code 7720. In the event a coroner’s office is a separate enterprise, Code 8832 is applicable to the operation. This classification procedure is consistent with the “one best code” methodology discussed above.

Similarly, civil defense authorities or engineers who are employees of another department or “enterprise” of a municipality are classified as employees of that department or enterprise provided that the department may ordinarily be expected to employ civil defense workers or engineers. Civil defense authorities that are independent of other departments or are attached to departments that ordinarily would not include civil defense workers are assigned to Code 9410. Engineers that are independent of other departments or are attached to departments that ordinarily would not include engineers are assigned to Code 9410 or Code 8601, if qualified, per requirements described in Code 8601.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 1.99

Construction Exemption Required: No