Class Code: 9186

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Code 9186 is applied to employers that operate traveling amusements such as, but not limited to, traveling carnivals, traveling circuses, traveling rodeos, traveling animal shows, traveling automobile stunt shows (including drivers and mechanics), and traveling amusement device operators.

Code 9186 includes all employees such as, but not limited to, ticket sellers and employees dismantling, transporting, reerecting, operating, and maintaining equipment required for a traveling amusement to conduct business. The term “all employees” does not preclude the assignment of clerical or outside salespersons codes to employees who qualify for these classifications.

Traveling amusements may hire “independent” concessionaires to perform various services for the traveling amusement operation. Based on applicable statutes in each jurisdiction, a determination must be made whether or not these concessionaires are employees of the traveling amusement for workers compensation purposes. NCCI does not offer legal advice to assist in this determination. If the conclusion is reached that a concessionaire or employees of the concessionaire are employees of the amusement operation for workers compensation purposes, that concessionaire and/or its employees are classified as though they were regular employees of the traveling amusement operation and are assigned to class codes applicable to the traveling amusement business for which they are performing services.

State Addendum

The MA Bureau does not make the determination as to whether or not an “independent” concessionaire is an employee for workers compensation purposes.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 12.14

Construction Exemption Required: No