Class Code: 9182

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Code 9182 is applied to insureds that operate athletic parks, stadiums or arenas where sports events are viewed. It includes all employees other than players, coaches, managers, trainers, equipment managers, or
sports officials. The classification includes the care and maintenance of the grounds, buildings, team facilities, grandstands and bleachers. It also includes the operation and maintenance of lighting, communication and sound equipment or power apparatus. Additionally, employees under the direct management of the athletic park, stadium, or arena, including parking and gate attendants, box office employees, ushers and security personnel, locker room attendants, food preparation and all concessions, and souvenir stands, are included within the scope of Code 9182.

Equipment and Materials:

•    Building and grounds maintenance equipment
•    Locker room facilities with medical and training equipment
•    Lighting, communication, and sound equipment or power apparatus
•    Food preparation facilities and concession stands

Related Operations Not Classified to Code 9182:

•    The classification is not applicable to a restaurant, retail store, or other enterprise operated by an insured that is not involved in the operation of the athletic park, stadium, or arena. These employees are classified to the appropriate restaurant or retail classification, even though the enterprise may be operated on the premises of the athletic park, stadium, or arena.
•    The classification is not applicable to athletic trainers, equipment managers, or other similar positions where the employee may perform their duties on the sidelines or field with athletes during a game or practice. The exposure would be similar to that of the coaches or managers, and these employees should be classified to Codes 9178, 9179, or 9063.
•    Refer to Code 9016 for arenas or stadiums where rodeos and wrestling or boxing matches may be held as well as speedways where automobile races may be held or tracks where stock car or jalopy races may be held.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 1.51

Construction Exemption Required: No