Class Code: 9156

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Code 9156 is assigned to actors, players, entertainers and musicians employed by a theater. The classification also applies to such persons employed by a theater production company when the employer does not own, lease, or operate the building or premises where the performances are being conducted. The classification applies to dramatic, opera, ballet, or other dance companies whether such group performs at one location or travels from city to city. Orchestras, bands, and other musical groups fall within the scope of Code 9156. These would be those orchestras, bands, or other musical groups contracting to perform at local social events and those traveling from one location to another.

Entertainers and musicians employed by restaurants are assigned to the restaurant class applicable to the location where they are performing. Entertainers and musicians employed by a restaurant operated by a hotel or motel would be classified as Code 9058—Hotel—Restaurant Employees; if employed by the hotel, they would be classified as Code 9052—Hotel—All Other Employees & Salespersons, Drivers. Performers in ice shows also are classified as Code 9156.

This classification also is assigned to players, entertainers, and musicians employed by dinner theaters when the theater operations predominate; that is, the payroll normally assignable to the theater classifications (Codes 9154 and 9156) is more than 50% of the total payroll.

State Addendum
Massachusetts Codes 9082, 9083, and 9084 are not available (N/A MA).

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 2.54

Construction Exemption Required: No