Class Code: 9093

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Code 9093 is applied to insureds engaged in the operation of bowling lanes with or without billiard or pool halls. Refer to Code 9089 for billiard or pool halls that do not operate in conjunction with bowling alleys. Code 9093 includes all employees other than Standard Exceptions, i.e., salespersons, clericals or drivers. Some bowling lanes employ instructors to teach beginner players the fundamentals of the game. Some maintain a nursery area where a nurse or trained recreational personnel takes care of young children while their parents are bowling. All establishments employ counter help to rent out bowling shoes, give out score sheets and pencils, designate and activate the available lanes and collect the bowling fees. The counter help may also sell bowling equipment and wearing apparel. Additionally, these establishments employ mechanics to maintain and repair the automatic pin setting equipment, managerial staff and general maintenance crews whose duties involve cleaning, waxing and polishing the lanes, refinishing pins, and any other maintenance required to provide customers with an environment for enjoyment in this recreational pastime. When bowling lane insureds operate billiard or pool halls, the billiard rooms are usually located on another floor away from the lanes. However, coat checkroom attendants, counter people who collect fees for billiard table and equipment rental, managerial staff and maintenance crews whose duties involve the sweeping and cleaning of the billiard rooms, cleaning and polishing of cues, will interchange in their duties between the bowling lanes and the billiard rooms.

Such combination bowling and billiard operations are, therefore, contemplated within the scope of Code 9093. The operation of restaurant or bar facilities at bowling establishments is not uncommon and these operations may be separately classified under Rule 1-D-3 of the Basic Manual when all of the following circumstances have prevailed for the risk:

1.    The restaurant or tavern is operated as a separate enterprise and located on either another floor, or on the same floor of the building, but physically separated in accordance with Basic Manual rules.
2.    The restaurant or tavern operations are available to and used by the general public as well as the bowling alley patrons.
3.    Separate payroll records are maintained.

Code 9093 is applied to insureds engaged in the operation of roller-skating rinks whether operated by owners or lessees. It includes the care, custody and maintenance of the premises, musicians and box office employees. Refer to Code 9016 for ice-skating rinks.

State Addendum
Massachusetts The operation of a restaurant or a bar at bowling establishments is not uncommon and these operations may be separately classified to Code 9079 under Rule IV-D-4 of the MA Manual when all of the circumstances, 1., 2., and 3. detailed above, have prevailed for the risk.

Refer to Code 9016 for insureds engaged in the operation of either roller-skating or ice-skating rinks. These operations are not assigned to Code 9093.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 1.14

Construction Exemption Required: No