Class Code: 9052

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Code 9052 is applied to insureds engaged in the operation of hotels, motels, motor courts, and tourist courts or cabins. The operation of apartment hotels, dude ranches (not cattle ranches), and rooming or boarding houses also falls within the scope of this classification. Code 9052 contemplates all employees directly employed by the described establishments except those employees qualifying as clerical office employees in accordance with the Standard Exception rule. Employees engaged in the preparation and serving of food or beverages are separately classified under the hotel/motel restaurant classification, Code 9058.

Employees contemplated by Code 9052 include, but are not limited to, front desk clerks, bellhops, concierges, hotel managers, information or reservation clerks, maids, porters, elevator operators, telephone operators, inside and outside maintenance people, store workers, barbers, hairdressers, laundry workers, garage employees, salespersons, and drivers.

Employees working exclusively for a country club operation run by a hotel, resort, condominium, or other community association are assigned to Code 9060.

Analogy Assignments:

Code 9052 is also applied to insureds engaged in commissary work involving the operation of lodging facilities for others engaged in construction, erection, lumbering, or mining operations.

Time-sharing dwellings are residential (vacation) properties shared by various individuals who usually occupy the dwelling at different times during a year. For example, “time-sharers” may agree that Group or Individual “A” will occupy the dwelling or a room or rooms in the dwelling for the month of June; Group or Individual “B” will occupy the dwelling for the month of July, etc. Individuals or groups who share in the dwelling facility may either own the entire property, a portion of the property or lease the entire or a portion of the property from others. Time-sharing operations are classified in the same manner as any other dwelling facility. If the property is best described as a hotel, then the appropriate hotel classification(s) are applied. If the property is best described as an apartment house, then the appropriate apartment house classification is applied.

Related Operations Not Classified to Code 9052:

Some hotel or motel operators may have concessionaires or independent contractors operating on their premises. Code 9052 does not contemplate employees of concessionaires or independent contractors operating on the premises. In the event that these concessionaires or independent contractors have obtained their own workers compensation coverage, representative classification assignments for their employees are as follows:

8017 Beach Chairs or Umbrellas
9016 Boats in Parks—& Drivers
8017 Cigarette Distribution
8017 Door Attendants
8008 Hat or Coat Check Rooms
8017 Parcel or Luggage Check Rooms
8392 Parking Lots—& Drivers
8017 Rolling Chairs
8017 Washroom Attendants

In the event that employees of the hotel engage in the aforementioned activities, they are classified to Code 9052. In the event that concessionaires are uninsured and coverage for these uninsured concessionaires is provided by law under the hotel’s or motel’s workers compensation policy, the concessionaire’s employees are classified to Code 9052 because, under the described circumstances, these employees are deemed to be employees of the hotel or motel for workers compensation purposes.

Apartments or residential complexes known as retirement living centers (RLCs) are classified to Codes 8824,8825 and 8826. These risks are differentiated from Code 9052 risks by the fact that they are residential establishments that cater to the elderly population and offer a continuum of healthcare services. RLCs may vary from sprawling one-story to multi-story buildings or to cottages surrounding a central facility. The healthcare services offered typically include congregate, personal, and nursing or medical care services. Congregate services include, but are not limited to, meal service, linen service, housekeeping, and transportation. Personal care services, sometimes referred to as assisted living care, include assistance with daily living activities such as, but not limited to, ambulation, bathing, and dressing. Nursing or medical care includes physical therapy as well as the administration of drugs, preparations, or medications. RLCs are additionally differentiated from convalescent homes classified to Code 8829 by the fact that RLCs are not expected to provide 24-hour nursing care to individual building residents as is typically found in convalescent or nursing home operations.


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Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 1.84

Construction Exemption Required: No