Class Code: 9047

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Code 9047 is assigned to employees of providers of intermediate or skilled nursing care, other than those employees assigned to Code 8841—Nursing Home—Professional Employees.

Code 9047 does not apply to those employees qualifying for assignment to Codes 8810, 8742 or 7380 under the Standard Exception classifications rule of the Basic Manual.

Code 9047 is not available to an insured operating a nursing home in conjunction with a hospital. Such facilities fall within the scope of the two hospital classifications, Codes 8833 and 9040

A listing of nursing home job descriptions that are considered professional in nature follows. It should be noted that employees in job descriptions with an asterisk may be assignable to Code 8810. This would be those employees whose duties are clerical in nature and who would qualify under the Standard Exception classifications rule of the Basic Manual; i.e., those employees engaged exclusively in bookkeeping, in record keeping and in correspondence or other office work in areas physically separated from other operations by structural partitions. However, if these employees have any other professional nursing home duties, Code 8841 would apply.

Certain occupations below do not have asterisks. In the unlikely event that employees engaged in these occupations meet the conditions of the Standard Exception rule for assignment to Code 8810, this code may be assigned even though there is no asterisk next to the profession.

Accountant * Dietitian Chief * Manager, Personnel *
Accounting Clerk * Dining Room Supervisor Medical Director
Administrator * Director, Personnel * Medical Librarian *
Artist, Medical * Director, Personnel Administrator * Nurse
Assistant Administrator * Director, Recreational * Physician
Assistant Laboratory Technician Director, Residence * Psychiatrist
Bookkeeper * Director, Volunteer Services * Purchasing Agent *
Clinic Technician Food Services Supervisor * Receptionist *
Counselor Histologist Social Worker, Medical
Dietitian Instructor Ward Clerk
Dietitian Administrator * Laboratory Staff X-Ray Technician

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 2.20

Construction Exemption Required: No