Class Code: 9040

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Code 9040 is assigned to employees of hospitals other than those who qualify for any of the following companion classifications: Code 8833—Hospital—Professional Employees; Code 7380—Drivers, Chauffeurs, Messengers, and Their Helpers NOC—Commercial; Code 8742—Salespersons or Collectors—Outside; or Code 8810—Clerical Office Employees NOC.

Refer to Code 8833 for the classification treatment for professional employees of hospitals. Codes 8833 and 9040 include general hospitals and those specializing in the treatment of specific infirmities.

A convalescent or nursing home operated by a hospital on its premises is assigned to the applicable hospital code. These facilities may have a common kitchen, maid service and maintenance employees. A nursing home located away from a hospital that operates without interchange of labor with the hospital is separately rated.

Satellite dispensaries, emergency medical treatment facilities, and clinics operated by a hospital on its premises are considered incidental to the hospital operation and are classified to the applicable hospital code. Facilities of this nature away from the hospital premises that do not provide overnight accommodations are classified to Code 8832.

Refer to Code 8832 for classification procedures for nonprofessional employees of an employer classified to Code 8832.

The cross-reference phraseologies, “Asylum—Professional Employees” and “Sanitarium—Professional Employees,” apply to mental institutions; institutions that detoxify, treat, and rehabilitate alcoholics or narcotic addicts; and similar institutions. Assign orphans’ or children’s homes to Code 8842.

Employees of labor service contractors working at hospitals are classified as though they are employees of the hospital and are assigned, based on the nature of their work, to either the professional or nonprofessional code.

Independent sleep disorder centers, human milk banks, and similar operations are assigned to Code 8832. Such facilities operated by a hospital on its premises are assigned to the applicable hospital code.

The following applies to hospitals employing volunteer workers in states where such workers are entitled to benefits under the workers compensation law. The classifications applicable to volunteer workers must be the same as those applicable to other workers of the employer involved in the same operations. Except as otherwise provided, premium will be determined on the basis of the pay normally received by regular employees doing the same or similar work.

Ambulance drivers employed by hospitals are assigned to Code 7380. Employers that provide ambulance service are assigned to Code 7705. Noncertified, nonemergency transports to be separately rated to Code 7370.

A comprehensive listing of hospital job descriptions that are classified to Code 9040 follows:

Assistant Housekeeper Maintenance Supervisor
Baker Manager Stockroom
Baker Helper Mangle Operator
Boiler Person Market, Sorter
Bus Person Mason, Plasterer
Butcher Meat Cutter
Butcher Helper Meat Cutter Helper
Caretaker, Grounds Painter, Maintenance
Carpenter, Maintenance Pantry Worker
Chef Pastry Chef
Chief Engineer Pastry Maker
Clothes Room Worker Pipe Fitter, Steam
Cook Plumber Maintenance
Cook Chief Porter
Cook Helper Pressing Machine Operator
Counter Person Refrigeration Mechanic
Dishwasher Sewer/Tailor
Electrical Repair Person Shaker Flatwork
Elevator Operator Special Diet Assistant
Elevator Repair Person Stationary Engineer
Executive Housekeeper Stationary Engineer Supervisor
Extractor Operator Steam Fitter
Fixer (Repair Person) Steam Presser
Flat Ironer Stoker, Stationary Boiler
Flatwork Ironer Storekeeper
Floor Maid Storekeeper Chief
Floor Polisher Store Room Supervisor
Formula Room Worker Stores Clerk
Gardener Tray Person
Grounds Keeper Tumbler Operator
Guard Utility Person (Worker)
Head Cook Vegetable Person
Housekeeper Waiter/Server
Houseworker Wall Washer
Ironer Washer
Kitchen Helper Washer Supervisor
Laundry Manager Watch Guard
Linen Room Attendant Window Washer


(N/A TX)


(N/A TX)

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 2.38

Construction Exemption Required: No