Class Code: 8871

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Code 8871 is applied to qualified clerical telecommuter employees. To qualify for Code 8871, an employee must perform clerical duties in a residence office and meet other conditions described below.

For purposes of Code 8871, a residence office is a clerical work area located within the home of the clerical employee. Additional requirements are that the residence office must be separate and distinct from the location of the employer. In the event an employer operates a business from a residence and the employer has clerical staff at the employer’s business location residence, these clerical employees are classified to Code 8810.

Clerical duties of an employee classified to Code 8871 include but are not limited to creation or maintenance of financial or other employer records, handling correspondence, computer composition, technical drafting, and telephone duties, including sales by phone.

See the Basic Manual for further instructions on appropriate classification of Codes 8810 and 8871.

Telecommuter employees who also engage in duties away from the residence such as depositing funds at banks, the purchase of office supplies, and/or the pickup or delivery of mail are assigned to Code 8871 provided these duties are incidental and directly related to that employee’s duties in the residential office. Code 8871 is not applicable to telecommuting employees who engage in outside sales; any work which exposes the telecommuting employee to the operative hazards of the business; and any work, such as a stock or tally clerk, which is necessary, incidental or related to any operations of the business and takes place in an area other than a residential clerical office.

Telecommuter employees are common to many businesses and are therefore considered to be Standard Exceptions unless they are specifically included within the phraseology of a basic classification. For example, Code 8832 carries the phraseology, Physician & Clerical. Based on this phraseology, telecommuting employees who perform services for a Code 8832 operation are classified to Code 8832, not Code 8871.

If the principal business of an insured is a clerical operation, the operations of all employees not included in the definition of clerical shall be assigned to the separate basic classification that most closely describes their operation.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 0.05

Construction Exemption Required: No