Class Code: 8869

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Child care centers assume care, custody and control of children for various periods of time. These children may be brought to the child care center or taken home from the child care center by their parents, employees of the center, or independent transportation services. Most of these centers will also provide child care for school-age children before and/or after attendance at a traditional school.

The child care center typically serves meals, provides rest areas and offers recreational facilities for the children in its care. Although the center may teach, instruct, and/or provide lessons for the children, the center is not the same as a traditional school.

Employees assigned to Code 8869 include but are not limited to teachers, salespersons, teachers’ aides, administrators, clerical employees, drivers, cooks and maintenance personnel.

Analogy Assignments:

Child care programs that are subsidized, such as Head Start, are included in Code 8869, provided they are operated like a child day care center.

Equipment and Materials:

•    Toys, videos, storybooks
•    Playground equipment
•    Chalkboards, crayons, and other arts & crafts materials
•    Sleeping mats, chairs, and tables

Additional Applications and Information:

The age of the child does not determine which code applies.

Code 8869 is not intended for insureds that offer medical-related services to children. This restriction is not intended to preclude the assignment of Codes 8869 from the child care center that offers limited first aid services for children who may be in need of this attention.

Special Conditions:

Child care centers operated by the YMCA or similar organizations at their own facilities are included in Code 8869.

Child care centers operated by religious organizations, but open daily to the public, are included in Code 8869.

Related Operations Not Classified to Code 8869:

Specialty camps that are otherwise classified are not assigned to Code 8869 . For example, riding academies (riding camps) are classified to Code 8279. Snow skiing facilities (skiing camps) are classified to Code 9180.

Organizations like the Cub Scouts, Brownies, Boys & Girls Clubs, etc., are not included in Code 8869. Refer to Code 9063 YMCA, et al. for these types of programs.

Before- and after-school child care services provided by a traditional school are assigned to Codes 8868 and 9101.


(N/A OR)

Note:  This classification includes day camps serving both preschool and school-age children. Camps providing overnight accommodations, specialty day camps otherwise classified, orphanages, or child care medical providers to be separately rated.


Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 1.00

Construction Exemption Required: No