Class Code: 8835

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Applies to both public and privately owned enterprises providing healthcare services in the homes of individual patients. The employees such services can be registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, certified nurses’ aides, social workers, therapists, and home health aides. Employees of this nature principally administer medications, intravenous therapy and injections, wound care, checking vital signs of patients, giving physical therapy treatments, educating, and counseling, etc.

Home infusion pharmacies manufacture infusion/intravenous pharmacy solutions. These solutions, along with related equipment, are delivered to patients’ locations. These employers may also employ nurses who educate the patient on proper use of the product. This process may take place in a hospital (with a patient that is about to get discharged) or at the patient’s home. The home visit may include changing medical dressings, administering infusion pharmacy solution, cleaning the treatment area, and additional patient education. The preparation of the infusion products is assigned to the appropriate pharmaceutical preparation code (e.g., Code 4611 or Code 4825). The visiting nurses are assigned to Code 8835.

Code 8835 also is assigned to visiting nurses employed by insurance companies who administer physical therapy or other forms of medical assistance to claimants.

Code 8835 is not assigned to employees of a temporary labor contractor unless these employees perform their duties in private residences. Employees of a temporary labor contractor contracted by a retirement living center or nursing home are assigned to either Code 8824 for healthcare employees or Code 8826 for all other employers. Employees contracted by a hospital are assigned to either Code 8833 for professional employees or Code 9040 for all other employees. Home healthcare providers operating as temporary labor contractors are assigned to Code 8835 if their services are hired by an individual who resides in a retirement living center or nursing home.

Certain individuals who perform services for an employer assigned to Code 8835 may perform these services as contract employees. The status of these individuals as to whether they are employees or independent contractors may vary by state and among individual employers in a state. As such, their employment status for workers compensation purposes must be determined based upon individual employment relationships between various employers and their contracted personnel and the laws of individual jurisdictions. The determination as to whether the individual is an employee for workers compensation purposes is not made by NCCI.


(N/A MA, NH, OR, VT)

Note:  Applies to businesses or individuals providing homemaker and companion services, while physically assisting convalescents, aged, acutely or chronically ill or disabled persons in the activities of daily living.


Code 8835 is assigned to both public and privately owned businesses that provide physical assistance in the activities of daily living such as physically assisting a household member with walking or using prescribed equipment; physically assisting a household member with bowel or bladder needs; physically assisting a household member with bathing, personal hygiene, dressing, or grooming; physically assisting a household member with meal preparation, eating, and clean-up; physically assisting in transferring a household member in and out of bed; and physically assisting in the body repositioning of a household member. Duties may also include performing household duties such as cooking, laundry, shopping, and housekeeping. The home healthcare aide or personal care provider may occasionally check patients’ pulse rates and temperatures, organize medications, empty bedpans, and clean catheters.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 1.53

Construction Exemption Required: No