Class Code: 8833

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Code 8833 is assigned to professional employees of public or private hospitals. Refer to Code 9040 for the classification treatment for nonprofessional employees of hospitals. Codes 8833 and 9040 include general hospitals and those specializing in the treatment of specific infirmities.

A convalescent or nursing home operated by a hospital on its premises is assigned to the applicable hospital code. These facilities may have a common kitchen, maid service, and maintenance employees. A nursing home located away from a hospital that operates without interchange of labor with the hospital is separately rated.

Satellite dispensaries, emergency medical treatment facilities, and clinics operated by a hospital on its premises are considered incidental to the hospital operation and are classified to the applicable hospital code. Facilities of this nature away from the hospital premises that do not provide overnight accommodations are classified to Code 8832.

Professional employees of a physician, who does not operate a hospital, are classified to Code 8832 even though the physician’s office may be located in a hospital.

The cross-reference phraseologies, “Asylum—Professional Employees” and “Sanitarium—Professional Employees,” apply to mental institutions; institutions that detoxify, treat, and rehabilitate alcoholics or narcotic addicts; and similar institutions. Assign orphans’ or children’s homes to Code 8842.

Hospitals may employ staff nurses who visit patients at locations away from the hospital. These employees are classified to the hospital code unless the hospital operates a separate business that qualifies such operations to be classified to Code 8835. Refer to Basic Manual Rule 1-D-3 to determine the qualifications necessary for the assignment of Code 8835 to hospitals.

Employees of labor service contractors working at hospitals are classified as though they are employees of the hospital and are assigned, based on the nature of their work, to either the professional or nonprofessional code.

Independent sleep disorder centers, human milk banks, and similar operations are assigned to Code 8832. Such facilities operated by a hospital on its premises are assigned to the applicable hospital code.

The following applies to hospitals employing volunteer workers in states where such workers are entitled to benefits under the workers compensation law. The classifications applicable to volunteer workers must be the same as those applicable to other workers of the employer involved in the same operations. Except as otherwise provided, premium will be determined on the basis of the pay normally received by regular employees doing the same or similar work.

A comprehensive listing of hospital occupations that are considered professional in nature follows. Employees in occupations with an asterisk may be assignable to Code 8810. This would be employees whose duties are clerical in nature and who would qualify under the Standard Exception classifications rule of the Basic Manual, i.e., employees who exclusively perform bookkeeping, record keeping, correspondence, or other office work, in areas physically separated from other operations by structural partitions. However, if these employees have any other professional (hospital) duties, Code 8833 must apply.

In the unlikely event that employees in occupations without an asterisk meet the conditions of the Standard Exception rule for assignment to Code 8810, Code 8810 may be assigned.

Accountant * Histologist
Accounts Payable Clerk * Histo-Pathologist
Accounts Receivable Clerk * Information Clerk *
Administrative Assistant * Instructor, Clinical
Administrative Secretary * Instructor, Nursing Arts
Administrator (Director, Supt.) Instructor, Science
Admitting Clerk * Interviewer *
Admitting Officer * Job Analyst
Anesthesiologist Laboratory Assistant
Anesthetist Manager, Credit and Collections *
Artist, Medical * Manager Personnel *
Assistant Administrator * Medical Director
Assistant Administrator, Medical * Medical Illustrator *
Assistant Admitting Officer * Medical Librarian *
Assistant Director Nursing Education Medical Photographer
Assistant Director Nursing Evening/Night Medical Record Librarian *
Assistant Director Nursing Service Medical Technician-Blood Bank
Assistant Laboratory Technician Medical Technologist
Assistant Purchasing Agent * Medical Technologist, Chief
Attendant Occupational Therapy Nurse Anesthetist
Attendant Physical Therapy Nurse, Head
Bacteriologist Nurse, Practical
Bacteriology Technician Nurse, Staff
Biochemist Nurse Supervisor
Biochemistry Technician Nurse, Visiting
Blood Blank Technician Nurse’s Aide
Bookkeeper, General * Occupational Therapist
Cashier * Office Clerk *
Chemist, Biological Oral Hygienist
Chief Pharmacist Orderly
Chief, Pathology Pathologist
Clerk, General Office * Payroll Clerk *
Clerk-Typist * PBX Operator *
Clinic Technician Pharmacist *
Collection Clerk * Pharmacy Helper
Comptroller-Controller * Physiatrist
Counselor Physical Therapist *
Credit Manager * Physio-Therapist
Darkroom Helper Posting Clerk *
Dental Assistant Prophylactician *
Dental Hygienist Public Relations Officer *
Dental Laboratory Technician Purchasing Agent *
Dental Technician Purchasing Officer *
Dentist Radiographer
Dietitian Administrative * Radiologist
Dietitian Chief * Receptionist *
Dietitian Teaching * Recreational Therapist
Dietitian Therapeutic * Roentgenologist
Dining Room Supervisor Secretary *
Director, Medical Social Service * Secretary, Medical *
Director of Nursing Serologist
Director, Outpatient Services * Serology Technician
Director, Personnel Social Worker, Medical
Director, Personnel Administration * Social Worker, Psychiatric
Director, Public Relations * Stenographer *
Director, Recreational * Supervisor Central Supply
Director, Residence * Supervisor Medical Social Services
Director, Volunteer Services * Switchboard Operator *
Electrocardiograph Technician Telephone Operator *
Employment Manager Tissue Technician
Floor Clerk * Training Manager
Food Service Supervisor Training Officer
General Bookkeeper Typist *
Hematologist Ward Clerk
Hematology Technician X-Ray Technician


(N/A TX)


(N/A TX)

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 0.82

Construction Exemption Required: No