Class Code: 8831

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Code 8831, the veterinary hospital classification, also is assigned to veterinarians conducting private practices in the care of animals. The classification applies to professional employees as well as nonprofessionals and the phraseology specifically includes drivers. Clerical office employees who qualify under the Standard Exception rule of the Basic Manual are classified to Code 8810. Veterinary employees who greet clients and their animals and have exposure to harm from this encounter such as being bitten, scratched or otherwise injured by these animals are not considered clerical employees and are assigned to Code 8831. Veterinary employees who greet clients and their animals and have absolutely no exposure to any potential harm from these animals are assigned to Code 8810.

Code 8831 is applicable to insureds in the business of poultry sexing as it is felt that poultry sexers are not in the business of operating a poultry farm but have duties more analogous to those of a veterinary.

Animal control officers are additionally assigned to Code 8831 since their primary exposure is to animals. These officers are generally employed by government agencies. They are exposed to the hazards of animal bites, scratches and other injuries as well as disease carried by animals they encounter. These exposures are similar to those of veterinary and animal hospital employees. The fact that in some jurisdictions these officers carry guns does not make their exposure analogous to operations included in Code 7720—Police.

Related Operations Not Classified to Code 8831:

•    Refer to Code 0917—Domestic Service Contractor for insureds that care for their customers’ pets in the customers’ homes. Care may involve walking and feeding the pets, and engaging in other general “pet sitting” activities as needed.


(N/A MA, TX)


Professional employees of insureds engaged in artificial insemination of cattle are assigned to Code 8831; however, all other employees of these insureds are assigned to Code 0083—Farms—Cattle or Livestock Raising NOC & Drivers. Although drivers are also included under Code 8831, as respects insureds engaged in artificial insemination of cattle, drivers are not categorized as professional employees, so their payroll should be assigned to the classification applicable to “all other employees,” Code 0083.


(N/A MA, TX)


Boarding kennels and insureds operating pet grooming or training establishments or providing mobile pet grooming services or training away from the insureds’ premises are also assigned to this classification. Refer to Code 8017 or Code 8018 to classify employees of a pet shop or pet store who perform pet grooming or training. Training of horses or animals used for amusement purposes to be separately rated.

There is no distinction made between handling large or small animals nor between farm animals and household pets.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 1.12

Construction Exemption Required: No