Class Code: 8825

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Code 8825 is applicable to all restaurant or food service employees who are employed by retirement living centers (RLCs). Refer to Code 8824 for a description of operations that constitute RLCs for classification purposes. Also, refer to Code 8824 for the classification of health care employees employed by RLCs. Refer to Code 8826 for all other employees (excluding bona fide clerical employees), salespersons and drivers employed by RLCs. Code 8825 is not applicable to independently owned restaurants that operate in conjunction with RLCs. The RLC classifications—Codes 8824, 8825 and 8826—are applicable to a risk regardless of which one of the classifications contains the predominant payroll.

Code 8825 includes, but is not limited to, food service employees such as bartenders, serving personnel, cashiers, cooks, busboys, dishwashers, restaurant or food service managers, hosts or hostesses and musicians or entertainers.

Codes 8824, 8825 and 8826 are not applicable to hospitals (see Codes 8833 and 9040) or to convalescent homes, nursing homes, rest homes or homes for the aged (see Code 8829).

If an insured qualifies as an RLC, convalescent or nursing home, operations performed in conjunction with the RLC are not separately rated but are assigned to the RLC classifications. “Conjunction,” as used in the preceding sentence, refers to facilities at the same location. These facilities may have a common kitchen, maid service and maintenance employees. A nursing home located away from an RLC that operates without interchange of labor with the RLC is separately rated.

This procedure is followed no matter which classification predominates. The aforementioned is intended to preclude an enterprise operating a minimal amount of units to consider itself an RLC in order to avoid the assignment of nursing or convalescent classes to its business. An enterprise that considers itself an RLC must meet the requirements for these classifications as described in paragraph one of Code 8824.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 1.43

Construction Exemption Required: No