Class Code: 8799

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Code 8799 is applied exclusively to the clerical staff of mailing or addressing companies. Code 8799 is intended for use in conjunction with Code 8800. The duties of a clerical office employee include creation or maintenance of financial or other employer records, handling correspondence, computer composition, technical drafting, and telephone duties, including sales by phone. The mailing or addressing company clerical staff classification continues to apply to a qualified office employee who performs a duty outside of a qualified clerical office area when that duty does not involve direct supervision or physical labor and is directly related to that employee’s duties in the office. These duties include depositing funds at the bank, purchase of office supplies, and pickup or delivery of mail, provided they are incidental and directly related to that employee’s duties in the office. However, for purposes of this rule, the definition of clerical duties excludes outside sales or outside representatives, any work exposed to the operative hazards of the business, and any work, such as a stock or tally clerk, which is necessary, incidental, or related to any operations of the business other than a clerical office.

Analogy Assignments:

Code 8799 also applies to clerical staff of letter service shops. Letter service shop operations include receiving outgoing mail from their customers and sorting it by zip code. Once sorted, the mail is delivered by the insured to the post office. These operations may have large computer data centers where the mailing list is manipulated to eliminate duplicate records, append change of address information, standardize the address to meet postal requirements, add information to aid in delivery (bar code or zip + 4), and finally sort the records in postal sequence. Once manipulated, the mailing list may also be used to print personalized letters and envelopes on high-speed laser printers. Any letter service shop clerical staff that perform the above-described duties are not eligible for Code 8799.

Additional Applications and Information:

A clerical office is a work area separated and distinguishable from all other work areas and hazards of the employer by floors, walls, partitions, counters, or other physical barriers.

A clerical office excludes work or service areas and areas where inventory is located, products are displayed for sale, or to which the purchaser customarily brings the product from another area for payment.

Related Operations Not Classified to Code 8799:

In the instances where clerical staff of mailing companies perform any other duties, such as preparing mailing lists and arranging for or engaging in mailing and addressing material with respect to such lists, they would not be eligible for assignment of Code 8799. Additional duties not included are the accumulation of names and assignment of them to specific mailing lists in addition to actually addressing and mailing material such as, but not limited to, newspapers, magazines, letters, and circulars. Clerical staff participating in envelope stuffing operations are also excluded from using Code 8799.

Some mailing and addressing companies have sales or promotion departments that solicit accounts and prepare advertising copy. Such businesses conceive, design, and produce advertising campaigns. This may involve preparing mailing lists, addressing envelopes, reproducing letters, and extensive mailing services involving folding, inserting, sealing, stamping and mailing. Specialized automated machines can bind, tab, sort, polywrap, and affix specialty items to a mail piece. Smaller operations may have more manual processes. Any mailing company clerical staff performing these duties is not eligible for the assignment of Code 8799.

Addressing or mailing companies may also conduct polls, contests, and consumer surveys for their clients. Occasionally, this will also involve mailing small samples of the client’s product along with advertising brochures, catalogs, etc. Any mailing company clerical staff performing these duties is not eligible for the assignment of Code 8799.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 0.44

Construction Exemption Required: No