Class Code: 8755

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Code 8755 applies to the actual employees of the labor union itself as distinguished from the members of the union who are employees of other businesses. The classification includes labor union officials, business agents, organizers and others with combined inside and outside duties, as well as those who are principally involved in outside activities. The classification does not include clerical employees who qualify for a division of payroll in accordance with the Basic Manual rules.

Although the term “all employees” is included within the classification phraseology, safety inspectors employed by a union who enter and inspect coal mines are assigned to the appropriate coal mining classification. A division of payroll is permissible for a single employee who engages in both coal mine inspections and Code 8755 activities as it has been interpreted that the inspection of coal mines is an operation not incidental to and not usually associated with the operation of a labor union.

The maintenance and repair of the union’s office or meeting rooms is not considered as falling within the intended definition of general inclusion; therefore, employees engaged in these activities would be separately classified to Code 9015—Buildings.

National organizations, boards or councils of labor unions that are separate and distinct entities having no union membership are not contemplated by Code 8755. These entities may act in an advisory capacity and/or provide lobbying and other support for affiliated unions. Employees of these national organizations engaged in office and travel duties are classified to Code 8742.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 0.30

Construction Exemption Required: No