Class Code: 8719

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Codes 8709F and 8719 contemplate talliers and cargo checking clerks who may be employed by a steamship line; an employer engaged in the business of stevedoring; or an employer that provides talliers and checking clerks on a contract basis.

Talliers and cargo checking clerks check freight being loaded from docks onto vessels or freight that is unloaded from vessels onto docks to determine that the freight is in the amounts and quality specified. Additionally, these individuals will direct stevedores or freight handlers as to where freight should be distributed on a dock.

Talliers or checking clerks who handle freight, directly supervise stevedoring labor or perform stevedoring operations of any kind are assigned to the appropriate freight handling or stevedoring classifications other than Codes 8709F and 8719.

Codes 8709F and 8719 additionally contemplate inspectors, samplers, or weighers of merchandise on vessels or docks or railway stations or warehouses, and include the mending or repacking of damaged containers.

Codes 8709F and 8719 are distinguished from Code 8720 as follows: Code 8720 is applicable to employers appraising the value of cargo whereas Codes 8709F and 8719 are applicable to employers hired to verify that the cargo being loaded or unloaded from vessels is received in the amounts and quality specified.

As Codes 8709F and 8719 include inspectors, samplers, or weighers of merchandise at warehouses, grain sampling firms have been assigned to these classifications even when the grain sampling operation does not take place at docks or on vessels. Division of payroll is not permitted for laboratory operations performed by these employers.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 2.73

Construction Exemption Required: No