Class Code: 8602

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Code 8602 is applicable to insureds that survey land as a separate and distinct business. Survey work done in support of an entity’s principal business shall be rated with the principal business. Survey work can be done on undeveloped land, developed land, and roadways, etc., but not underground.

Code 8602 is assigned to independent timber cruisers and timber buyers. It is also assigned to workers who exclusively spot and mark infected trees and designate which trees are to be sprayed or otherwise treated and which are to be destroyed. Logging operations to be separately rated.

Geologists or scouts of oil and gas fields and independent specialists are included in this class. They include lease buyers who, as any part of their duty, perform work similar to that undertaken by oil or gas geologists or scouts. Their duties include reviewing court records, interviewing lease holders, securing prospective oil- or gas-producing land data, and observing development and production of leases. The geologists procure core or shale samples at drilling locations, which are taken to the office for study. They do not accompany seismograph or geophysical exploration crews on surveys or take part in any of the field work such as the actual drilling, but they may visit the drilling site. The scout keeps the company informed of all events of interest in his or her territory, attends all meetings of legal importance, obtains information regarding the operation of each well in his or her territory, and reports the findings on oil or gas development work.

Related Operations Not Classified to Code 8602:

The following is a representative list of all operations somewhat related in nature to Code 8602 operations that are not assigned to Code 8602.

5183 Oil or Gas—Burner Installation Domestic & Drivers
3724 Oil or Gas—Burner Installation NOC & Drivers
1320 Oil or Gas—Lease Operator—All Operations & Drivers
6216 Oil or Gas—Lease Work NOC—By Contractor & Drivers
6233 Oil or Gas—Pipeline Construction & Drivers
7515 Oil or Gas—Pipeline Operation & Drivers
6206 Oil or Gas—Well—Acidizing—All Employees & Drivers
6206 Oil or Gas—Well—Cementing & Drivers
1322 Oil or Gas—Well—Cleaning or Swabbing of Old Wells Having Previously Produced Gas or Oil—By Contractor—No Drilling & Drivers
6235 Oil or Gas—Well—Drilling or Redrilling & Drivers
6236 Oil or Gas—Well—Installation or Recovery of Casing & Drivers
6237 Oil or Gas—Well—Instrument Logging or Survey Work & Drivers
6214 Oil or Gas—Well—Perforating of Casing—All Employees & Drivers
6235 Oil or Gas—Well—Shooting & Drivers
6213 Oil or Gas—Well—Specialty Tool Operation NOC—By Contractor—All Employees & Drivers
8107 Oil or Gas—Well—Supplies or Equipment Dealer—New—Store or Yard Only & Drivers
8204 Oil or Gas—Well—Supplies or Equipment Dealer—Used & Local Managers, Drivers

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 1.34

Construction Exemption Required: No