Class Code: 8393

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Applies to employers in the business of metal, fiberglass, carbon fiber, and plastic automobile body repair work including incidental upholstering and painting. Estimators employed by these automobile body shops indicate the repairs needed and quote prices to customers who have driven to the shops or had their cars towed in. Repair of the automobile bodies may involve the removal of panels or other parts which may require the use of an acetylene torch; realignment of bent frames by heating and bending with hydraulic equipment; hand forming of replacement parts; welding of replacement parts to the bodies; repair or replacement of upholstery; replacement of broken glass and sanding and painting of the repairs. All employees performing these body repair operations as well as the estimators are included in the scope of this classification.

Van conversion operations conducted by specialists are also assigned to Code 8393. Previously manufactured vans are usually customized according to individual specification and may involve cutting openings into the sides and tops of the vans for installation of windows, portholes or vents; carpeting and upholstering the interior floors and walls; and installation of couches, special lighting fixtures, stereos, refrigerators, etc. After these operations, decorative painting of the exterior of the vans is usually performed. All of the employees of these van conversion specialists are included in the scope of this classification.

Code 8393 includes employers that repair small dents in automobiles using a hand tool. A technician inserts the tool against the area to be repaired and using leverage, forces the dent out, putting the metal back in its original shape. Unlike typical automobile body shops, no power tools are used and no painting is performed. The procedure described above may be performed at the employer’s shop or at a customer’s premises.

Towing for others and roadside assistance is separately rated to Code 7225.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 1.37

Construction Exemption Required: No