Class Code: 8392

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Code 8392 is applied to insureds engaged in the operation of automobile storage garages, parking stations or parking lots. The operations vary depending upon the type of facility. Some are outdoor off-street parking lots while others are indoor parking garages. In either case, valets may be available to park customers’ vehicles. Others are outdoor or indoor park and lock stations or garages where customers drive in and park and lock their own vehicles. The park-and-lock customers may either receive tickets upon entering the facilities or deposit coins in meters for the time their vehicles will be parked. Parking facilities may employ cashiers or counter personnel who are stationed in booths or offices from which they either hand out tickets, make change or collect fees. These employees, valets, shuttle bus drivers and any other employees engaged in the operation of these parking facilities are encompassed by Code 8392.

In the event that parking garages, stations or lots operate gas stations or repair shops, such operations may be separately classified provided they qualify as a separate undertaking or enterprise in accordance with Rule 1-D-3 of the Basic Manual.

Parking attendants employed by enterprises such as, but not limited to, hotels, restaurants, stores, apartment complexes, commercial or industrial buildings, or theaters that operate parking facilities for their own customers or tenants shall be classified according to their industry, not Code 8392.

Parking attendants employed by contracted parking services or valet services are encompassed by Code 8392.

An exception to the above exists for public transportation facilities. When operations such as bus terminals or airports operate parking lots for use by the public, a division of payroll is permitted between Code 8392, for parking lot employees, and bus terminal or airport classifications provided proper payroll records are maintained. This is only applicable when the principal business is transportation and the parking garage is a secondary service or convenience provided for customers. Code 8392 is not available for parking lots used by a bus terminal or airport for storage of transportation equipment used by the bus terminal, airport or other commercial users of the facility.

Equipment and Materials:

•    Access gates
•    Barricades
•    Ticket dispensers
•    Elevators
•    Vehicle elevators and mechanical lifts for automobile storage
•    Computers
•    Cash registers
•    Drop safes
•    Cameras and surveillance equipment
•    Maintenance equipment (street sweepers, snow plows, etc.)
•    Electric carts (maintenance crews, transport, etc.)
•    Automobiles (patrol vehicles, shuttle buses, or vans, etc.)

Related Operations Not Classified to Code 8392:

•    Automobile salvage yards are not encompassed by Code 8392. Refer to Code 3821 for auto dismantling and salvage yard operations.
•    Refer to the appropriate trucking classification and retail or wholesale code for entities engaged in wrecker service and/or auto auction functions.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 1.65

Construction Exemption Required: No