Class Code: 8350

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Code 8350 applies to dealers that distribute gasoline and oil. These dealers receive various grades of refined gasoline and oil that are pumped into storage tanks. There may be incidental mixing and blending operations utilizing a small system of pipelines that lead from the storage tanks to the mixers, and from there to conveniently located outlets from which the products are filled into tank trucks prior to delivery. The classification includes dealers such as refinery distributors that sell and distribute gasoline and lubricating oil directly to retail filling stations and, in addition, make bulk deliveries of fuel oil to factories, apartment houses, office buildings, and private residences. Additionally, jobbers that operate in the same manner fall within the scope of Code 8350, as well as retailers that distribute fuel oil in smaller quantities. These retail dealers do not maintain bulk storage plants and do not handle gasoline or lubricating oil. The incidental handling and sale of coal by these fuel oil dealers is assigned to Code 8350 provided it is not a substantial part of their total operations. This classification also applies to oil or gasoline dealers that, as an incidental phase of their general operations, spread oil on roads.

However, if sand or gravel is spread in conjunction with the road oiling, Code 5506, the street or road paving or repaving classification, is assigned to the entire operation. Additionally, dealers that distribute industrial solvents are assigned to Code 8350. Petrochemicals received from others are stored in tanks, mixed and blended, and then filled into large drums or tank trucks prior to delivery to their customers.

Code 8350 applies to dealers that distribute liquefied petroleum gas by means other than mains or pipelines. It applies to all operations of such employers and includes store employees, drivers, and the installation, service, or repair of their customers’ equipment or appliances. The classification includes the unloading of the liquefied petroleum gas from railroad tank cars, subsequent storage in tanks on their premises, the filling of bottled gas cylinders or tank trucks, and the retail or wholesale delivery of the liquefied petroleum gas. Code 8350 also applies to bottled gas dealers that do not fill liquefied petroleum gas into cylinders. Additionally, dealers that sell and distribute anhydrous ammonia are assigned to this classification regardless of whether such distribution is performed by liquefied petroleum dealers or dealers that solely distribute anhydrous ammonia. In those instances where employers within the fertilizer industry; their distributors; or hay, grain, or feed dealers sell and distribute anhydrous ammonia, such distribution is considered to be a separate undertaking or enterprise subject to a division of payroll in accordance with manual rules.

Refer to Code 7219 for classification procedures for dispatchers.

Note: Refer to Note listed under Code 8001 for underwriting guidelines that apply to stores and dealers.


(N/A AL, AZ, FL, LA, MA, MS, MO, NM, OK, TX)

Note:  Applies to all operations including store employees; installation, servicing or repair of customers’ equipment or appliances. Distribution by gas mains or piping from central tanks to be separately rated as Code 7502—Gas Distributing.


(N/A MA, TX)

Note:  Operation of retail gasoline stations to be separately rated as Code 8381—Gasoline Station—Retail—Self-Service or Code 8380—Gasoline Station—Retail NOC.


(N/A MA, TX, VA)

Note:  Delivery and spreading of oil on roads by oil distributors.


(N/A TX)

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 4.34

Construction Exemption Required: No