Class Code: 8288

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

 Code 8288 is applied to insureds operating as livestock or cattle dealers or commission merchants. The operations of the livestock or cattle dealers involve purchasing the animals from farmers or ranchers and driving or delivering same to shipping points. It includes holding and feeding the animals when they are held over awaiting shipment. The classification contemplates the loading of the livestock or cattle into railroad cars and the feeding and watering during transit. Commission merchants, who usually act as the intermediary between the dealers and the stockyards or final purchasers, usually maintain offices near the stockyards. Their buyers, who go out and look over stock which they may purchase from the dealers, are contemplated within the scope of Code 8288, as are employees who inspect stock as it arrives at the stockyard and employees who show the cattle or stock to prospective customers. This latter operation involves walking around through the pens or in some cases on walks built upon the tops of the pens.

This classification also is applied to livestock sales companies involving the exhibition and sale of cattle, sheep, hogs, etc., and sales stables where horses or mules are exhibited and sold. The premises usually consist of an arena and a grandstand for customers together with outside pens for the livestock and stalls for the horses or mules. The employees consist of caretakers of the animals, auctioneers, maintenance and yard workers.

Code 8288 also is applied to stockyards at cattle concentration points, which may be maintained by packing houses, stock associations or private concerns. The operations involve unloading the stock from railroad cars and driving or herding same into pens; the care, feeding and watering of the stock while at the yard and the maintenance of pens, grounds, etc., as well as the reloading of the animals if the stockyard is located at an intermediate point.

Code 8288 also is applied to insureds engaged exclusively in operating commercial feedlots where feeding cattle for other individuals or concerns is undertaken. All cattle are delivered to or shipped from the feedlots by the cattle owners or independent contractors. The cattle are unloaded, placed in pens, ear tagged or branded, vaccinated, sprayed, fed and watered. Other incidental operations include cleaning of pens, general maintenance, receipt and storage of grain, silage or other feed ingredients and incidental feed milling of formulated feed used exclusively to feed the cattle at the feedlots.

Code 8288 includes salespersons and drivers. It does not include the operation of farms or ranches or butchering or packing house operations.

Note:  Refer to Note listed under Code 8001 for underwriting guidelines that are applicable to stores and dealers.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 7.63

Construction Exemption Required: No