Class Code: 8233

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Code 8233 is applied to insureds operating as coal merchants and includes local managers and drivers. These merchants maintain yards where coal purchased from mine operators is received and stored. Additional operations performed by coal merchants and contemplated by Code 8233 involve the operation, maintenance and repair of equipment used in the business; the weighing and conveying of the processed coal into bins; and the subsequent loading of the coal into trucks, railroad cars or vessels for delivery to their customers.

When coal merchants load or unload coal from vessels, such operations are classified to the appropriate stevedoring classification, with Code 8233 being applicable to coal yard and delivery operations. Provided proper payroll records are maintained, the payroll for a single employee engaged in both stevedoring and yard operations may be allocated between stevedoring operations and Code 8233.

Code 8233 contemplates the screening, washing and grading of coal when performed by a coal merchant or a coal dock operator having an equity in the product or by a mine operator primarily processing coal purchased from other mine operators along with coal produced in his/her own mine, provided the mine operator is engaged in such processing operations at a location away from mining sites.

Local managers or any persons by whatever title they are known, having direct charge and responsibility of the coal yard operations, are contemplated within the scope of this classification. See Basic Manual Rule 1-C-2-e for a description of the term Managers—Local.

Refer to Codes 1005 and 1016 for coal mining operations. Refer to Code 8232 for a merchant engaged in the sale of coal and other materials such as lumber, fuel or agricultural implements.

Note:  Refer to Note listed under Code 8001 for underwriting guidelines that are applicable to stores and dealers.

State Addendum
Massachusetts See MA Manual Rule IV-C-3-e for a description of the term Managers—Local.

Refer to Code 1005 for coal mining operations (Code 1016 is N/A MA).

Note:  Refer to Note listed under Code 8001 for the approved interpretations applicable to stores and dealers.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 2.61

Construction Exemption Required: No