Class Code: 8102

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Code 8102 applies to employers that principally perform the handling and merchandising of seeds. These seed merchants receive harvested grass, alfalfa or other field crop seeds, vegetable seeds, or flower seeds in bulk from growers. The operations include the processing of the seeds, usually involving power-driven cleaning and grading machinery as well as packaging machinery. In some cases the processed seeds are filled into sacks of varying sizes and stored prior to shipment, while in other cases they are filled into various sized packets which are then placed in cartons and stored prior to shipment. The merchandising is usually handled on a wholesale basis but some seed merchants sell at retail and conduct store activities on the premises where they display racks of seed packets and have sacks of seeds available for sale along with other incidental articles used by residential gardeners. These store operations are included within the scope of this classification provided these employers process the seeds. Agronomists who are engaged in research and development of new seed lines in the seed merchants’ laboratories and also inspect seed crops being grown by farmers under contract to such merchants are appropriately assigned to Code 8102. Additionally, specialist contractors engaged in soil and crop inspection are assigned by analogy to this classification. These specialists have scouts who go to area farms and take crop and soil samples. Following analyses of the samples, these specialists recommend what type of chemicals or fertilizers are needed to improve the farmers’ crop production.

Code 8102 also is applied to employers that perform bean sorting or handling. The operations include machine cleaning and separating to remove dust, light waste, pods, splits and partially rotted beans. The beans are then run on a conveyor belt and small particles and off-colored beans that may have passed through the separator are removed by hand. The navy beans, pintos, small whites, large whites, or other varieties are then automatically filled into sacks or containers of various sizes prior to shipment.

Employers that exclusively perform peanut handling also are assigned to Code 8102. This classification contemplates the receipt of peanuts in bulk from growers and the machine cleaning, grading, visual inspection, and machine sacking of the unshelled peanuts which are then stored prior to shipment to peanut vendors. Some of these employers will perform shelling operations, usually by machine. The shelled peanuts are then inspected and packaged according to grade for shipment to confectionery manufacturers, food products manufacturers, or manufacturers of vegetable oil.

Note:  Refer to Note listed under Code 8001 for underwriting guidelines that apply to stores and dealers.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 1.62

Construction Exemption Required: No