Class Code: 8045

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Code 8045 is applicable to retail drugstores. A retail drugstore for classification purposes is defined as a location that receives 40% of its gross receipts during a policy term from the sale of prescriptions. Additionally, to qualify for Code 8045, the location must receive less than 50% of its gross receipts during a policy term from food service. In the event that gross receipts from food service at a particular location during a policy term are equal to or exceed 50% of total receipts, the location is assigned to the appropriate restaurant class. Code 8045 includes compounding, mixing, or blending of drugs when performed by pharmacies for prescriptions that are being filled for individual patients. Refer to Codes 4611 and 4825 when compounding, mixing, or blending of drugs are performed by manufacturers.

The sale of prescriptions intended for individual patients of health care facilities is considered a retail sale classified to Code 8045 even if the cost of the prescriptions is billed to the facility instead of the individual patient for whom the prescription was intended.

Refer to Code 8047 for wholesale drugstores.

Note:  Refer to Note listed under Code 8001 for underwriting guidelines that are applicable to stores and dealers.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 0.78

Construction Exemption Required: No