Class Code: 7610

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Code 7610 applies to all employees of radio or television broadcasting stations. The classification includes both inside and field employees as well as clerical office workers and drivers. Control and lighting operators, cameras and boom microphone personnel, engineers, technicians, scriptwriters, announcers, players, entertainers and musicians whether working solely within the radio or television studio or at locations away from the studio also are included in this classification. Outside engineers visually inspect field transmitters and make connections for “pick-up” at golf courses, ballparks, auditoriums, etc. These engineers may at times service existing towers involving tower climbing, although telephone company employees are generally responsible for the facilities up to the area to be served so that the radio or television station employees need only place their equipment. The work performed by control or monitoring crews during performances in auditoriums or elsewhere outside of the studio involves variable exposure depending upon the location of the “special feature” that is to be picked up, and their work is practically the same as performed by studio control or monitoring crews.

There can be a decided increase in exposure when such crews accompany mobile units covering floods, riots, etc., away from broadcasting station facilities.

The employees of television cable companies are assigned to Code 7600 or Code 8901. However, in cases where these cable television companies also perform broadcasting of programs, Code 7610 is assigned to all of their broadcasting employees including the broadcasting operation clerical office employees.

Code 7610 also applies to employers that perform all operations involving motion picture production . The classification includes all employees working within studios and those on location away from the studios as well as clerical employees and drivers. Writers, directors, actors, musicians, electricians, carpenters, camera, sound and lighting crews, stagehands, prop people and all other technicians required to produce motion pictures as well as animated pictures are included in this classification.


(N/A FL, HI, MT, NV, TX)


(N/A CA, FL, HI, MT, NJ, NV, NY, TX)

Note:  Digital media processing and editing, as well as marketing through film exchanges, are included in Code 7610, whether performed by a contractor or the production company.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 0.38

Construction Exemption Required: No