Class Code: 7600

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Code 7600 is applied to all employees of telecommunications companies other than those employees working within offices or exchanges. Office or exchange employees are classified to Code 8901. The term “telecommunications” includes cellular phone companies.

This classification includes drivers and all employees involved in the operation and maintenance of overhead and underground lines away from the exchanges including the extension of lines and making of service connections. Specific operations included in Code 7600 include clearing right-of-ways; erecting poles, cross-arms and insulators; stringing overhead lines or lead sheath cables used for multiple circuits; and laying underground cables.

In situations where telecommunications companies do not maintain exchanges, and their employees hook up their telephone lines to existing telecommunications companies’ cables that are the property of other telecommunications companies, and these existing lines are located within manholes, such operations are also included in Code 7600.

Those employees who make service connections to subscribers and provide maintenance or subsequent extension of lines are assigned by analogy to Code 7600. Companies classified to Code 7600 may perform installation of some or all of the following:

•    Main coaxial cable—Overhead only.
•    Main coaxial cable—Underground only. Cable is laid manually.
•    Main coaxial cable—Both underground and overhead. Underground cable laid manually.

The term “coaxial cable” used above refers to that line which runs from a receiving dish or tower into a general area. This type of line is also known as a “trunk line.”

Distribution lines run from a trunk line into a particular street. These lines are considered part of the main coaxial cable for classification purposes.

The terms “extension” or “service connection” (also known as service drops) refer to the installation of TV cable or telephone wires, which can be made of copper, fiber optics, or other materials, from a distribution line to an individual customer’s location to provide that individual customer with service. When a customer subscribes to a service, a connection known as a distribution tap is made at the distribution line. The extension, service connection, or service drop is made from this tap.

Related Operations Not Classified to Code 7600:

Refer to Code 6325 for conduit construction of cables or wires.

Refer to Code 6325 for cable laying by specialist contractors employing automatic equipment, which in one operation opens the trench, lays the cable, and backfills.

Refer to Code 7219 for classification procedures for dispatchers.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 3.86

Construction Exemption Required: No