Class Code: 7520

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Code 7520 covers the operations of water plants, whether they are operated by a municipal board or commission or a private company. Sources of water for the plant include but are not limited to rivers, streams, deep water wells, underwater springs, dams or reservoirs. The water is pumped and piped to the filtration plant where it is filtered through sand beds. The water is then treated with chlorine or other purifying chemicals. In some cases sodium fluoride is added. Water samples are taken and tested periodically. The water is then pumped to large elevated stand pipes for distribution through the system.

When performed by employees of the water plant and specifically related to water plant operations, the installation, repair, and maintenance of water mains, water pipes, taps, meters, and fire plugs are included in Code 7520. When these operations are performed by employers that do not operate a water plant, the appropriate installation, repair, or maintenance code that describes the employer’s particular operation is applied to same. If water plant employees construct sewers, lay pipes, or perform other activities unrelated to the operation of a water plant, they are assigned to an appropriate construction class such as Code 6306 or 6319 or any other construction class that best describes the project.

The installation, service, or repair of utility meters is classified as follows:

•    Code 7520—Waterworks Operation & Drivers—applies to water meters when performed by an employee of a water plant
•    Code 5183—Plumbing NOC & Drivers—applies to water and gas meters
•    Code 5190—Electrical Wiring—Within Buildings & Drivers—applies to electric meters

Code 8810—Clerical is a standard exception and may apply to cashiers employed by a water plant operation. For example, Code 8810 applies to a qualified clerical employee who performs a duty outside of a qualified office area when that duty does not involve direct supervision or physical labor and is directly related to that employee’s duties in the office. An employee who otherwise qualifies for Code 8810, who also performs cashier work for a water plant operation, is assigned to Code 8810. An employee not otherwise qualified for Code 8810, who is performing cashier work for a water plant operation, is assigned to Code 7520 or any other appropriate class other than Code 8810. Please refer to the Basic Manual for the complete definition of and qualifications for the clerical assignment.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 1.88

Construction Exemption Required: No