Class Code: 7380

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Code 7380 is applied to commercial drivers, chauffeurs, messengers, and their helpers provided they are not otherwise classified in the Basic Manual. These employees are common to many businesses and are Standard Exceptions assigned to Code 7380 unless they are specifically included within the phraseology of a basic classification that applies to an employer.

The term “drivers” refers to employees who engage in duties on or in connection with vehicles and includes drivers, chauffeurs, messengers, drivers’ helpers, garage employees, stable hands, and employees using bicycles in their operations.

Code 7380 is not intended for drivers (chauffeurs) employed by employers that are in the business of transporting the public. Chauffeurs assigned to Code 7380 are drivers who are not employed by an employer classified as a public transportation operation but who may transport people. An example of this would be a bus driver employed by a financial institution to transport its employees between various sites at which the financial institution does business. For classification purposes, this driver is assigned to Code 7380 since he/she is a chauffeur for an employer that is not in the business of providing transportation to the public.

Code 7380 is applied to messengers or couriers who deliver mail, parcels, or packages by driving or bicycling. Drivers, chauffeurs, messengers, and/or their helpers may perform these duties for more than one classification that applies to their employer’s operations. Provided the conditions of Basic Manual Rule 2-G are met, pay earned for these duties may be allocated between each applicable classification for which these employees earn pay. If drivers, chauffeurs, messengers, and/or their helpers perform these duties for a classification that does not include drivers, pay earned for work performed for that classification is assigned to an appropriate drivers, chauffeurs, messengers, and helpers classification such as Code 7380. If drivers, chauffeurs, messengers, and/or their helpers perform these duties for a classification that does include drivers, pay earned for these duties is assigned to such classification.

An important distinction between Code 7380 and trucking classifications such as Code 7219 is that trucking classifications generally applies to the transportation of goods not owned by an employer, whereas Code 7380 generally is applicable to the driving of vehicles and/or the transportation of goods owned by an employer.

Building raising or moving operations should be assigned in the following manner, provided payroll separation is maintained:

    5403  —carpentry operations on commercial structures
    5645  —carpentry operations on residential structures
    5213  —concrete operations on commercial sites
    5221  —concrete operations on residential structures
    5703  —drivers who transport the structure on trailers, dollies, bearings, etc.
    6217  —excavation operations
    5057  —iron or steel operations
    5022  —masonry operations
    6003  —pile driving operations that underpin, raise, or stabilize a foundation
    7380—pilot car duties that do not remove or move obstacles
    5703  —pilot car duties that remove or move obstacles

When no separation of payroll exists, the payroll for the entire operation must be assigned to Code 5703 or the highest rated classification that applies, whichever is greater.

Equipment and Materials:

•    Automobiles
•    Bicycles
•    Public transportation
•    Hand trucks

Additional Applications and Information:

•    Code 7380 includes school bus drivers employed by school districts that operate their own buses.
•    Traveling receipts collectors of highway toll roads
•    Drivers of mobile units in connection with U.S.O. activities performed by participating charitable organizations
•    Mobile food or ice cream vendors and bookmobile drivers

Special Conditions:

The following classification procedure applies to Concrete Ready Mix Dealers:

Trucks operated to supply construction work by the employer either carrying premixed concrete or mixing the ingredients during transit.

1.    Drivers or Chauffeurs—assign Code 7380 unless in connection with work covered by a classification that includes Drivers or Chauffeurs as in the case of “Street or Road Construction.”
2.    Employees at a yard that mix the concrete prior to transit or loading trucks with ingredients to be mixed during transit—assign Code 8227.

Trucks operated to supply construction work undertaken by independent contractors either carrying premixed concrete or mixing the ingredients during transit.

1.    Materials owned by the employer while in transit or, in other words, where the employer’s contract involves payment for materials, mixing and trucking: all operations incidental to premixing the concrete or loading ingredients into trucks that will mix during transit and trucking to location—assign Code 8232.
2.    Materials not owned by the employer either in storage or while in transit—where the employer’s contract involves only trucking of premixed ingredients or trucking including the concurrent mixing in transit: all operations incidental to loading trucks and delivering concrete—assign Code 7219.

Related Operations Not Classified to Code 7380:

•    Refer to Code 7370 and Code 7382 for drivers or chauffeurs employed by employers that qualify to be classified as ambulances, bus companies, limousine services, taxis, and other forms of public vehicular transportation.
•    Refer to Code 7219 for classification procedures for dispatchers.
•    Messenger and courier deliveries made by foot or public transportation are assigned to the governing class code.
•    School bus drivers employed by independent contractors, not school districts, are classified to Code 7382.
•    An outside salesperson who may occasionally make a courtesy delivery as an accommodation to a customer is assigned to Code 8742. Outside salespersons who deliver merchandise are assigned to the classification that applies to the employer’s drivers even though they also collect or sell.

Code 7380 is a “not otherwise classified” (NOC) classification. This means that Code 7380 applies to an employer’s operation(s) only when no other classification more specifically describes the employer’s operation(s) or when a classification that applies to an employer’s operation that includes driving does not include the type of driving being performed. The following is a representative list of operations somewhat related in nature to Code 7380 operations that are not assigned to Code 7380. The term “trucking” below refers to the hauling of nonowned goods.

    7370—Ambulance Service Companies & Drivers—All Other Than Garage Employees
    7382—Bus Companies & Drivers—All Employees Other Than Garage Employees & Drivers
    7219—Trucking NOC—All Employees & Drivers
    7231—Trucking Mail, Parcel or Package Delivery—All Employees & Drivers
    7232—Trucking Mail, Parcel or Package Delivery Under Contract With the US Postal Service—All Employees & Drivers
    7222—Trucking Oil Field Equipment—All Employees & Drivers
    7230—Trucking Parcel or Package Delivery—All Employees & Drivers


(N/A TX)

Note:  Applies to house-to-house delivery of samples, advertising circulars, telephone directories, and similar products when employees are transported to the delivery location in vehicles. If no transportation, assign to governing classes. If no transportation or governing class, payroll shall be assigned to Code 8017.


Distributing company employees who are transported by vehicle to the area at which they will distribute materials are also included in Code 7380. Examples of materials distributed include samples, advertising circulars, and telephone directories.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 4.17

Construction Exemption Required: No