Class Code: 7231

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Code 7231 is intended to apply to those employers that deliver and, as a messenger and courier service of nonowned mail, parcel or packages, or under contract with private enterprises, provide a pickup and delivery service for mail consisting of small individual parcels or packages in addition to envelopes. These items are usually picked up at post offices and delivered to the customer’s location. However, these employers also, as a contract messenger and courier service, deliver nonowned items or pick up mail or parcels from their customers and deliver to locations specified by the customer, performing a local delivery service comparable to that provided by the US Postal Service.

Please refer to this classification’s phraseology above for additional requirements that an employer must meet to qualify for Code 7231. An important distinction between Code 7380—Drivers, Chauffeurs, Messengers and Their Helpers NOC—Commercial and Code 7231 is that messengers and couriers assigned to Code 7231 deliver nonowned goods whereas Code 7380 is assigned to messengers who deliver owned goods.

Equipment and Materials:

•    Hand trucks

Additional Applications and Information:

•    Although in most instances, private passenger automobiles, station wagons, sedans, vans, and pickup trucks will be used, there is no specific restriction to the type of motor vehicle used for the delivery operations
•    This classification also includes mechanics and garage employees who maintain, service, or repair the equipment

Special Conditions:

•    Employees who deliver mail, parcels, or packages by foot or public transportation are assigned to the governing code of the employer

Related Operations Not Classified to Code 7231:

•    Refer to Code 7232 for employers engaged in mail, parcel, or package delivery under contract to the US Postal Service
•    Refer to Code 7219 for classification procedures for dispatchers
•    Refer to Code 7380 for deliveries of owned goods

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 6.68

Construction Exemption Required: No