Class Code: 7204

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Code 7204 is assigned to insureds participating in the greyhound racing industry. An insured may be an owner, breeder, kennel operator or trainer.

An owner is the person in whose name the greyhound is registered. He may be personally involved with the training of the dog, or may be an absentee owner, never in personal contact with the dog, leaving all the training and handling to the kennel operator to whom he leases his dogs.

The breeder is generally a farm operator, removed from the racetrack, who raises the puppies until they are track age. The dogs are then sold to an owner or leased to a kennel operator at the track. The breeder cares for from one to as many as 500 dogs at any given time. He feeds, medicates, grooms and teaches the dogs to chase a lure.

The kennel operator is the person who contracts with the various racetracks to provide the racing animals. His contract generally specifies that he will provide anywhere from 25 to 40 dogs of various grades and distance capabilities.

The trainer and helper are the employees of the kennel operator. They work a seven-day week, living adjacent to the kennel. They will clean the kennels and feed, groom and medicate the dogs. They will transport the dogs to the racetrack where the dogs are turned over to track employees until after the race is over. The dogs are then claimed by the trainer, bathed and returned to the kennel.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 1.12

Construction Exemption Required: No