Class Code: 7201

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Code 7201 is assigned to insureds engaged in the operation of livery or boarding stables. Horses owned by others may be boarded at such stables. Also, livery stables may own horses available for hire. This classification contemplates the maintenance of the stables and any equipment utilized in the operation of the stables as well as the feeding, grooming and general care of the horses.

Code 7201 is also assigned to racehorse training operations conducted at public racetracks or training stables. Training stables may be rural facilities with training tracks but having no farm operations. The horses being trained may be owned by the insured but are usually owned by others. This classification includes trainers and jockeys when they are considered employees. The operation is the training, feeding, grooming and general care of horses and not the maintenance of premises. The training of racehorses, polo ponies or horses used for exhibition purposes is included.

Refer to Codes 8273 and 8274 for horse breeding farms. Refer to Code 7205 for horse training activities in connection with horse racing. Refer to Code 7201 for livery or boarding stables.

Stable employees employed by horse racing tracks as well as kennel employees employed by dog racing tracks are assigned to Code 7201 as they are exposed to the handling of animals. Kennel employees usually include lead persons who, prior to leading the dogs around the track for exhibition purposes, help in the weighing in, blanketing and muzzling of the dogs. They also catch and leash the dogs following a race. This classification is assigned to stable employees or kennel employees who handle the animals at horse shows or dog shows.

Code 7201 is assigned to the operations of sightseeing carriages, riding clubs and hunt clubs, harness racing and the training of guard dogs.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 6.67

Construction Exemption Required: No