Class Code: 6882

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Codes 6872F and 6882 are applicable to insureds engaged in general and various types of ship cleaning, repairing or conversion. Refer to Code 6824F for repair of vessels not exceeding 150 feet in length.

Work done on ships by insureds that are specialists is assigned to the Basic Manual classification(s) describing their specialty.

The classification of specialists to the code that best describes their business is based on the premise that the exposure of a specialist, whether working on land or aboard ship, is the same and should be classified in the same manner. An example of this might be a specialist engaged in the business of electrical wiring. In this instance, if the specialist performs these operations aboard a ship, the specialist’s entire electrical wiring exposure for that job is classified to Code 5190—Electrical Wiring. The fact that a specialist contractor may on occasion and only to a minor degree perform work other than their specialty would not qualify such a specialist for assignment to Code 6872F or Code 6882.

To qualify for assignment to these codes, an insured must perform two or more operations that would otherwise be separately classified were these operations being performed at a job that was not in connection with the repair or conversion of ships. For example, if an insured is engaged in plumbing work and electrical wiring work that would ordinarily be classified to Codes 5183 and Codes 5190 if this work was taking place other than on a ship, these operations are assigned to either Codes 6872F or 6882 if they are performed in connection with a ship’s repair or conversion. As indicated above, to qualify for Code 6872F or Code 6882, the insured must engage in more than one operation relating to a ship’s repair or conversion, with at least two of these operations being more than minor in nature.

State Addendum
Massachusetts Work done on ships by insureds that are specialists is assigned to the MA Manual classification(s) describing their specialty. Code 6882 is also assigned, by analogy, for coverage under the MA Act only, for the construction/manufacture of all types of floating dry docks, wooden or metal.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 1.87

Construction Exemption Required: No