Class Code: 6836

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Codes 6826F and 6836 apply to those risks principally engaged in providing waterfront facilities for recreational boats of various sizes, from small inboard and outboard motorboats to seagoing yachts.

Marinas usually have some boat handling equipment but leave the heavy handling work to the repair and storage yards. The amount of equipment that they install or provide may sometimes depend upon the proximity of other yards capable of hauling out boats of all types and sizes. However, they usually have a boom hoist, jib crane or other small boat hoisting rig for launching and recovery. A marina provides any of a variety of services for boats and boat owners such as in-season wet and dry berthing, winter storage, limited repair facilities and maintenance, launching for transients, marine supplies stores, fuel and fueling equipment, dockside electricity, fresh water, rest rooms and showers, clubhouse or administration buildings, and automobile parking space.

Certain marina customers may moor their vessels in water some distance from the marina. The marina may transport these customers to their vessels using watercraft. These operations may be assigned to Code 6826F and Code 6836. However, caution should be exercised in assigning these transportation operations to these marina classifications since coverage for these operations may fall under Admiralty Law jurisdiction. Please refer to Basic Manual User’s Guide F-Table 7 for further details.

Collateral facilities coming within the scope of this classification on the waterfront premises would include shopping areas for groceries, drugs and clothing.

Boat and outboard engine salespersons are assigned by analogy to Code 8748. This procedure is followed whether the salesperson is employed at an inland location or a location near water such as a boatyard, boat dock or marina.

State Addendum
Massachusetts Caution should be exercised in assigning marina watercraft transportation of its customers to/from their moorings to marina classifications, since coverage for these operations may fall under Admiralty law jurisdiction. Please refer to MA Manual Rule XIII for further details.

Boat and outboard engine salespersons employed at a marina location are contemplated within the scope of Code 6836. When such salespersons are physically located, and working exclusively, at an inland location, Code 8748 applies.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 2.21

Construction Exemption Required: No