Class Code: 6006F

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Code 6006F includes all pile driving and the construction of all jetties, breakwaters, seawalls, groynes (rigid structures built out from a shore to protect the shore from erosion), dikes, revetments, bulkheads, wharfs, docks, and piers, etc., performed around all bodies of water whether navigable or not. A jetty involves substantially more construction than either a dike or a levee in that it must extend into a body of water. A jetty will extend from the shore out into the water and will be constructed of heavy timber cribbing filled with boulders or heavy stones. Frequently, a jetty built of stones or boulders will be topped off with an asphalt surface or with concrete.

The construction of a dike as included in Code 6006F involves operations in which an embankment of earth is thrown against the edge of the river. The embankment is frequently paved with loose stone. In addition to the stones, the embankment may be anchored by lumber or willow mattresses, which are laid against the surface of the dike and held down by stone or piling. Another type of construction involves the building of crib work, which may be filled in with stone or other types of fill to keep the embankment in place.

Revetment work involves a facing or sheathing or woven mattresses of willow, lumber, etc., that are usually anchored to piles driven a few feet above the mean low water line and extended out into the river as the work progresses. Ballast stones are placed on the graded dike slope from the top down into the water’s edge. This type of work is performed in the water from work barges for pile drivers, derrick barges, mat and weaving barges, stone barges, etc.

Code 6006F includes the construction or repair of all wharfs, docks, and piers performed around all bodies of water, whether navigable or not. Code 6006F includes floating docks that are attached to these structures, while floating docks used in boatbuilding or repair are separately rated to the appropriate boatbuilding code.

Analogy Assignments:

•    Code 6006F is assigned to the wrecking or demolition of all piers and wharfs.
•    Code 6006F includes all carpentry work of decking, railings, and boathouses associated with marine construction projects.
•    The construction of docks, seawalls, and other similar structures on land prior to installation on the water is included in Code 6006F. This includes all construction, assembly, or prep work performed at a contractor’s yard prior to installation.
•    Code 6006F is assigned to all marine pile driving associated with the construction or repair of bridges. All other bridge work should be assigned to the appropriate construction classifications.

Equipment and Materials:

•    Rocks, soil, concrete, asphalt, wood
•    Cranes, bulldozers, derricks, barges

Special Conditions:

•    Please refer to Code 5403 for extra-territorial premium determination guidelines that may be applicable to insureds that have operations outside their headquarters’ state.

Related Operations Not Classified to Code 6006F:

•    All land-based pile driving that is not in, around, or near any body of water is assigned to Code 6004 in Florida.
•    Structures other than boathouses, decking, and railings are assigned to the appropriate construction classifications (with an ‘F’ load if applicable).
•    The manufacturing of concrete piles at the job location or the pouring of concrete into hollow steel piles is rated as concrete construction.
•    Caisson or cofferdam work to be separately rated as Code 6252—Shaft Sinking—All Operations.
•    Diving operations, including deck hands or other “diving tender” support personnel who assist in diving activities, conducted in conjunction with marine construction, are separately rated to the appropriate diving code.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 8.35

Construction Exemption Required: Yes