Class Code: 5705

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Code 5705 is assigned to concerns that specialize in salvaging the contents of buildings and structures that have been damaged by fire, working under contract with fire insurance companies. The classification also applies to other salvage operations.

Both operate very much along the same lines except that fire insurance salvage companies usually send one person to the location of the damaged building to supervise the salvaging operations. This person, after completing his survey of the work to be done, will hire local workers needed to do the job.

Where grain is to be salvaged from elevators damaged by fire or flood, the work will consist of removing grain from the damaged structure, loading it into trucks and delivering it to warehouses, leased by the salvage company, where it is stored awaiting shipment. Where grain has been damaged by water, it will, in most cases, be spread on the warehouse floor to dry after which the bad lots are separated from the good prior to being resold.

In the case of general merchandise, the salvage operations are very similar to those outlined above except that the reconditioning of merchandise for resale may, at times, be rather extensive and will involve such work as sorting, relabeling of canned and bottled goods, re-crating or boxing, etc.

Where plant equipment is to be salvaged, the work will usually involve the removal and reconditioning of such items as boilers, generators, motors, steam engines, machinery, pipe, etc. In many instances, the work is quite heavy and will frequently involve rigging operations.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 9.33

Construction Exemption Required: Yes