Class Code: 5651

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Includes all carpentry work in connection with the construction of buildings designed primarily for multiple dwelling occupancy when performed by employees of the same carpentry contractor or general contractor responsible for the entire construction project. Carpentry work includes the construction of the sill, rough framework, rough floor, wood or light-gauge steel studs, wood or light-gauge steel joists, rafters, roof deck, all types of roofing materials, sidewall sheathing, siding, doors, wallboard installation, lathing, windows, stairs, finished flooring, cabinet installation, fencing, decking, detached structures, and all interior wood trim. Carpentry in the construction of private dwellings for occupancy by one- or two-families to be separately rated as Code 5645. The construction of mixed-use buildings and multi-unit residential buildings exceeding three stories in height must be separately rated to Code 5403.


Note:  Applies to specialist contractors installing all types of siding on residential dwellings provided that these operations are performed on dwellings three stories or less.


1.    The following classifications are applicable only to the construction or repair of buildings designed for the housing, welfare and keep of personnel: 5651—Carpentry; 5215—Concrete Construction—Not Monolithic Concrete Building Construction; 5069—Iron or Steel Erection—Not Over Two Stories in Height.
2.    All other operations in the construction or repair of such buildings and all other construction or repair in connection with military reservations shall be assigned to appropriate manual classifications.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 5.87

Construction Exemption Required: Yes