Class Code: 5506

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Code 5506 is applied to insureds engaged in street or road construction involving paving or surfacing new streets or roads or repaving or resurfacing or scraping existing streets or roads. New construction includes all work beginning with the construction of the concrete or crushed stone base on an established grade and carries on through the paving or surfacing of the street or road, regardless of the types of surface, and finishing operations, i.e., trimming of road shoulders, erecting guardrails or fences (whether performed by specialist contractors or others), painting safety lines or center stripes and installing curbs or gutters. Airport construction involving paving runways or warming aprons is also contemplated within the scope of this classification as are asphalt works operated by these street or road contractors at a temporary location set up at their particular job site. Repaving or resurfacing or scraping existing streets or roads includes scraping or cleaning the existing surface and the application of the resurfacing material as well as scraping existing dirt or gravel roads including regraveling and oiling when undertaken by these repaving or resurfacing contractors. This classification does not include the widening or changing of the subsurface roadbed or any of the operations, enumerated in this classification’s footnote, which must be separately classified. Oil distributors who deliver and spread oil in conjunction with spreading sand or gravel also fall within the scope of Code 5506 as do specialist contractors engaged in asphalt laying on top of already constructed highways and the spraying of roads with liquid asphalt.

Code 5506 also is applied to street or road construction contractors or specialist contractors engaged in asphalt surfacing, application of the initial adhesive bonding material and the surface spreading and rolling of the crushed aggregate in connection with the installation of artificial turf for baseball and football stadiums. This classification additionally applies to employees of highway toll roads who engage in miscellaneous operations incidental to the maintenance of such roads, i.e., paving or repaving; patching road surfaces; spreading oil, tar or gravel; cleaning ditches and sides of roads; hauling and spreading sand for iced roads; plowing and removing snow; setting out pavement markers; cutting grass; and painting guardrails and posts.

Code 5506 has also been assigned to contractors engaged in painting lines or stripes separating traffic lanes on streets, roads or highways. The paint or other material used for these markings is usually applied to the surface of the street, road or highway using a mechanical device, either self-propelled or towed by a truck or other motor vehicle. The painting of lines or stripes on parking lots is assigned to Code 5474, the painting classification.

An asphalt works operation including grinding, pulverizing, or mixing asphalt that is operated by a road paving contractor at a temporary location is additionally assigned to Code 5506. Refer to Code 1463 for asphalt works at a permanent location.

Please refer to Code 5403 for extra-territorial premium determination guidelines that may be applicable to insureds that have operations outside their headquarters’ state.

State Addendum
Massachusetts Refer to Code 5509 for the miscellaneous operations incidental to the maintenance of highway operations, including toll roads, conducted by municipal, township, county or state employees. Refer to Code 9402 for specialist contractors engaged exclusively in painting traffic lines on streets or roads and/or stripes on parking lots (see Code 5506 for the painting of traffic lines on streets or roads and Code 5221 for the painting of parking lot stripes, when the paving contractor also performs such operations at the same job or location where paving operations are conducted).

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 4.07

Construction Exemption Required: Yes