Class Code: 5480

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Code 5480 is applied to specialist contractors engaged in interior plastering operation not otherwise classified in the manual. The operations involve the mixing of plaster with water and the hand application of the mixture by use of a trowel to interior walls or partitions. Plastering specialists on occasion may perform incidental finishing operation on wallboard installed by others, i.e., taping, filling and sanding joints and nail holes. These finishing operations, when performed along with plastering, are contemplated within the scope of this classification. Also, specialist contractors engaged in waterproofing the interior of buildings by application of a waterproofing compound by means of a trowel are assigned to Code 5480.

The placing of wood lath, non-reinforcing metal lath or wire meshing prior to the application of plaster or stucco is separately rated under Code 5443.

Please refer to Code 5403 for extra-territorial premium determination guidelines that may be applicable to insureds that have operations outside their headquarters’ state.

Code 5480 operations are designated as “not otherwise classified” (NOC). These NOC operations shall apply to an insured only when no other classification more specifically describes the insured’s operations. The following is a representative list of classifications somewhat related in nature to Code 5480 operations that are not assigned to Code 5480:

5022 Plastering (Exteriors)
5348 Ceramic Tile, Indoor Stone, Marble, or Mosaic Work

In addition to this representative list, one should review sources such as the alphabetical index in this manual to determine whether a classification other than Code 5480 or a classification other than one on the above list is applicable to the operations being reviewed for classification purposes.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 6.15

Construction Exemption Required: Yes