Class Code: 5402

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Code 5402 is applied to specialist contractors engaged in the erection of greenhouses or hothouses. The classification is all-inclusive in that it is assigned to a specialist who undertakes all operations necessary to erect the greenhouse or hothouse in its entirety. Posts, rafters, columns, eave and gutter plates, cement, bricks, lumber, sash, glass panes, putty, painted or glazed and painted sash, boilers, ventilating apparatus, pipes, fittings, brackets, components for plant benches, nuts, bolts, nails, etc., are received from others. The operations involve excavation, concrete foundation work including the necessary carpentry work in connection with making the forms, erection of the frame, usually light-gauge steel, erection of the sash and installation of the glass panes or erection of the glazed and painted sash. Then, in connection with the heating plant, which is a necessary part of every greenhouse or hothouse, there would be additional excavation, concrete work, carpentry, electrical wiring, installation of the boiler and the necessary piping and the erection of a brick or concrete chimney or a steel smokestack. Work on the inside of the greenhouse or hothouse involves the installation of piping for the watering system, the installation of the ventilating apparatus, plumbing to hook up the heating system, putting up the plant benches and all of the incidental finishing touches to complete the entire structure.

Please refer to Code 5403 for extra-territorial premium determination guidelines that may be applicable to insureds that have operations outside their headquarters’ state.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 5.19

Construction Exemption Required: Yes