Class Code: 5222

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Code 5222 is applicable to concrete construction in connection with bridges or culverts. The bridge or culvert must qualify under either the specified “clearance” or “distance” as described in this classification’s footnote.

The term “clearance” in the case of bridge construction over water is interpreted to mean the greatest distance between mean high water level and the under portion of the bridge. The term clearance in the case of bridge construction over dry land refers to the greatest distance between the ground and the under portion of the bridge. The term clearance in the case of culvert construction means the maximum inside measurement at the location of maximum height of the culvert from top to bottom.

In determining distance in the case of culverts, the sides of the culvert abutting the fill of the road are considered as the abutments since they are retaining the pressure of the earth fill. In bridge construction, the abutments are the concrete buttresses supporting the extreme ends of the bridge. In the case of concrete bridges or culverts that do not meet the qualifications contained herein, the concrete work incidental thereto would be assigned to Code 5213.

Code 5222 applies to the construction or erection of chimneys of an industrial or commercial nature. Code 5222 contemplates construction or erection of chimneys in their entirety including stone, brick or concrete chimneys and includes the laying of foundations. Code 5022—Masonry NOC is applicable to chimney construction or erection for one- or two-story dwellings.

Tuck pointing, which is the act of filling and/or finishing brickwork joints with cement or mortar, is contemplated by Code 5222 when this work is performed in connection with chimney construction or repair work assigned to Code 5222. Tuck pointing is assigned to Code 5022 when it is performed in conjunction with chimney work classified to Code 5022 or performed by a contractor at a job or location where the contractor engages only in tuck pointing in connection with chimney work.

Code 5222 also applies to the lining of chimneys or smokestacks of the type described above.

Per footnote phraseology in Codes 5213 and 5221, Code 5222 shall not be assigned at the same job or location to which either Code 5213—Concrete Construction NOC or Code 5221—Paving or Repaving is applicable.

Concrete pumping operations, whether performed by a general contractor, specialist contractor or concrete ready mix dealer, are assigned to the appropriate concrete construction class that is applicable to the location at which the concrete is being pumped. (In Oregon, assign Code 9534.)

Please refer to Code 5403 for extra-territorial premium determination guidelines that may be applicable to insureds that have operations outside their headquarters’ state.

State Addendum
Massachusetts Specialty concrete pumping operations conducted by specialty contractors are assigned by analogy to Class Code 9534—Mobile Crane and Hoisting Service Contractors—NOC—Including Yard Employees & Drivers. In accordance with Rule IV-F-2.—Business Not Described by Any Classification, as detailed in the MA Manual, the appropriate classification phraseology should read as follows: Concrete—Pumping—Specialty Contractor Only—Including Yard Employees & Drivers. It is important to note that any and all concrete pumping operations conducted by concrete construction crews remain properly assigned to the appropriate concrete construction classification(s) applicable to which the concrete is being pumped, not Code 9534.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 6.30

Construction Exemption Required: Yes