Class Code: 5221

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Code 5221 is used for any type of ground-supported paving other than paving that is performed on streets, roads or airport runways or warming aprons. Code 5215 or Code 5222 shall not be assigned to the same job or location to which Code 5221 applies.

In assigning Code 5221, no distinction is made as to a floor’s thickness or the absence or presence of reinforcement in the floor.

The code does apply to concrete or cement work on ground-supported concrete floors of commercial buildings. A division of payroll is permitted between Code 5221 and Code 5213 at the same job, provided separate payroll records are maintained. However, Code 5221 is not used for finishing operations in connection with self-bearing floors.

Concrete curb and gutter work, when performed by a concrete or cement contractor other than the street or road construction contractor, is properly included under this classification.

The term “self-bearing” referred to in this classification’s footnote is the basis for distinguishing between self-supported concrete floors, assignable to Code 5213, and ground-supported concrete floors, properly assignable to Code 5221. A ground-supported floor of a single or multistory building that is poured at any point in time during the construction of the structure is concrete or cement work included in Code 5221.

Concrete walls that are poured in flat forms on ground level are assigned to Code 5221, provided that the pouring insured does not tilt up the walls and secure them into place. This operation is assigned to Code 5221 since the exposure is the same as that of pouring a ground-supported concrete floor.

Building raising or moving operations should be assigned in the following manner, provided payroll separation is maintained:

    5403  —carpentry operations on commercial structures
    5645  —carpentry operations on residential structures
    5213  —concrete operations on commercial sites
    5221  —concrete operations on residential structures
    5703  —drivers who transport the structure on trailers, dollies, bearings, etc.
    6217  —excavation operations
    5057  —iron or steel operations
    5022  —masonry operations
    6003  —pile driving operations that underpin, raise, or stabilize a foundation
    7380—pilot car duties that do not remove or move obstacles
    5703  —pilot car duties that remove or move obstacles

When no separation of payroll exists, the payroll for the entire operation must be assigned to Code 5703 or the highest rated classification applicable, whichever is greater.

Analogy Assignments:

•    Additional operations assigned to Code 5221 include concrete igloo construction—floors; floor laying—mastic floor mix; light prisms in sidewalks—installation or repair; paving—wood block—interior; and terrazzo work.

Special Conditions:

Extra-Territorial Classification Guidelines (Florida—refer to Florida Basic Manual Rule 2-L—Extraterritorial Rating Procedure) (New Hampshire—refer to New Hampshire Basic Manual Miscellaneous Rules Extraterritorial Auditing Procedure):

The following material was developed by NCCI to be used as a guide by auditors and underwriters in the determination of premium for contracting (construction or erection risks) with extra-territorial employments where no company guidelines have been established for this purpose. Construction or erection classifications are indicated by the addition of a construction code symbol (  ) next to the classification code number.

1.    Payroll of employees of contractors who have their place of business in a given state and operate also in adjoining states and who are constantly crossing state lines, but usually return to their homes each night, should be assigned to their headquarters’ state. Example: Contractors such as electricians, plumbers, carpet layers, etc.
2.    The payroll for executive supervisors who may visit a job but who are not in direct charge of a job should be assigned to the state in which their headquarters are located.
3.    There are contractors who maintain a permanent staff of employees and superintendents. If any of these employees or superintendents are assigned to a job that is located in a state other than their headquarters’ state, either for the duration of the job or any portion thereof, their payroll should be assigned to the highest rated of either the state in which the job is located or the headquarters’ state.
4.    The payroll of employees who are hired for a specific job project should be assigned to the state in which the job is located.

When a portion of the operations of a risk are insured in a monopolistic state fund, consideration must be given to the special rules and requirements that may exist in such cases.

Related Operations Not Classified to Code 5221:

•    Concrete pumping operations, whether performed by a general contractor, specialist contractor or concrete ready-mix dealer, are assigned to the appropriate concrete construction class that is applicable to the location at which the concrete is being pumped. (In Oregon, assign Code 9534.)
•    Code 5213 is assigned to an operation in which an insured both pours the concrete at ground level to create a wall and subsequently tilts the wall into place.
•    A self-bearing floor elevated above the ground and, being an integral part of the concrete construction itself, would be assigned to Code 5213—Concrete Construction NOC.


(N/A MA)


The erection of monuments in cemeteries is additionally included in this classification.


(N/A VA)

Note:  This cross-reference has the same footnote as Concrete or Cement Work—Floors, Driveways, Yards or Sidewalks & Drivers.


The paving or repaving of parking lots is included in Code 5221. Painting of traffic lines in parking lots by contractors that paved the lot is considered incidental to the paving project and is assigned to Code 5221.

Related Operations Not Classified to Code 5221:

•    Refer to Code 5474 for painting of traffic lines in lots by contractors that did not engage in the paving of the parking lot.


(N/A MA)


The installation of outdoor stone and brick pavers to create paths, patios, driveways are also assigned to Code 5221.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 4.25

Construction Exemption Required: Yes