Class Code: 5037

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Code 5037 applies to employers that perform painting of metal structures that exceed two stories in height. For commercial structures, a “story” is defined as being fifteen (15) feet in height.

The painting of metal structures falling within the scope of Code 5037 includes metal skeleton frameworks of buildings exceeding two stories; smokestacks; cross-country power line towers; radio towers; television towers; aircraft; aircraft beacon towers; and observation towers. Code 5037 includes both the installation of scaffolding and the preparation of surfaces to be painted when these operations are performed by an employer in conjunction with an employer’s painting operations at a particular job site. This classification additionally includes shop operations.

Code 5037 does not apply to painting the interior or exterior of buildings or other structures which are made of wood, concrete, stone or a combination thereof. Additionally, this code does not include the painting of the metal structures enumerated in this classification’s footnote.

Code 5037 also applies to contractors that paint metal bridges of all types regardless of height. The classification includes the painting of viaducts, railroad overpasses, trestles and elevated highways.

Code 5037’s note indicates that painting of metal storage tanks is assigned to Code 5474. The fact that a metal tank is supported by a tower or other supporting device that makes the combined height of the tank and supporting devices exceed two stories in height does not preclude the assignment of painting these storage tanks to Code 5474. Oil or gasoline storage tanks, gas holders and silos typify those types of tanks, the painting of which is included in Code 5474.

Please refer to Code 5403 for extra-territorial premium determination guidelines that may apply to employers that have operations outside their headquarters’ state.


Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 7.89

Construction Exemption Required: Yes