Class Code: 4670

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

This classification covers all employees connected with the manufacture of cottonseed oil by a mechanical extraction process during both the active season and the dormant season. The principal products of the cottonseed oil mills are oil, seed meal, seed hulls and cotton lint. The sale of feed from seed meal in its raw state or mixed with ingredients in accordance with some feed formula is contemplated within this classification. Cottonseed delinting operations, when performed by a mechanical extraction process with stationary or portable machinery, are also assigned by analogy to Code 4670. The classification also covers the storage of cottonseed and the finished products at the mill location or warehouses away from the manufacturing premises.

Code 4670 also is applied to insureds engaged in the manufacture of cottonseed oil utilizing the solvent extraction process. Cottonseeds and hexane or similar solvents are received from others. Cottonseed storage, cleaning, delinting, cracking, heating and flaking of the seeds preparatory to the extraction process are contemplated within the scope of this classification.

In most plants these processes are carried on in separate buildings removed from the extraction unit. The flakes are mixed with hexane in an agitated extractor. The miscella, or mixture of the solvent and extracted oil, comes from the filter and the solids which build up are subjected to three countercurrent washes, two with weak miscella and one with fresh hexane. The wash richest in oil recycles back to the extractor. The wash cake or meal is removed and sent to a disolventizer and then to storage. The miscella is pumped through a preheater into an evaporator where the hexane flashes off. The oil then flows to an oil stripper where under vacuum it is stripped of the remaining solvent with steam. The crude cottonseed oil is then pumped to an oil cooler prior to being filled into storage tanks. Code 4670 does not contemplate the refining of cottonseed oil but it does contemplate the mixing of seed meal for livestock feed.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 4.51

Construction Exemption Required: No