Class Code: 4557

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Code 4557 is applied to insureds engaged in the manufacture of inks of all types. Vegetable and mineral oils, solvents, alcohol, sulphuric, hydrochloric and acetic acids, resins, pigments, lampblack, aniline dyes, wetting agents and dryers are received from others. Also, drums, cans and tubes are usually received from others. The operations involve the cooking of the oils and resins to produce varnish, or varnish may be received from others. The ingredients are measured, blended and milled to produce the required smoothness of the particular type of ink being produced. For fluid inks (such as newspaper ink) the mixture is placed in tanks and diluted to the proper consistency.

Newspaper ink is often pumped into tank trucks for delivery. Other inks are pumped into drums or cans or put into filling machines for filling of cans or tubes.

This classification also is applied to insureds engaged in the manufacture of paste or mucilage which is made from powder or granule arabic gum or dextrines received from others along with preservatives and plastic or glass containers and caps. The materials are mixed and cooked in a steam-jacketed mixer. The mixture is pumped to a filling area where containers are filled, labeled and capped.

Code 4557 also is applied to insureds engaged in the manufacture of candles. Beeswax, paraffin, stearin, wicks and aniline colors are received from others. The wax is heated in steam-jacketed vessels or gas-heated kettles into which wicks are dipped by use of dipping equipment, which can be activated manually or automatically. When the candles attain the desired size and shape and have cooled, they are taken from the dipping cycle. After cutting the wicks the candles are put into self-fitting end molds to shape the base. Color is then laminated into the candles by a dipping operation. After cooling, they are inspected, wrapped and packaged. Specialty items are made in hollow molds and may be decorated by hand.

This classification additionally is applied to insureds engaged in the manufacture of waxes, wax products, polishes or dressings of the type enumerated in the classification footnote. The ingredients and processes vary depending upon the product. The ingredients, received from others, may include oils, waxes, resins, colors, dyes, solvents, clays, whiting, abrasive powders and detergents.

Some of the ingredients may be mixed cold, others heated and still others cooked. If the product is to be in stick or cake form, the mixture is poured into molds for the desired shape; otherwise it is filled into cans, followed by packing and shipping.

Code 4557 also is applied to insureds engaged in the mixing and blending of oil or grease to produce lubricating oils and lubricating grease compounds. The raw materials, refined petroleum oils, paraffin, tallow, animal fats, fortifying chemicals, neutralizers and thickeners are received from others along with cans. The processes involve the mixing of the ingredients in agitators, which are sometimes steam-heated, and at times the grease is milled. The finished products are canned, labeled and shipped.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 1.94

Construction Exemption Required: No