Class Code: 4511

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Code 4511 is applicable to those insureds that, as a distinct enterprise, specialize in research or analytical problems. As noted in this classification’s footnote, Code 4511 is not available for any risk that performs operations described by another classification unless the operations subject to Code 4511 are conducted as a separate and distinct business. Thus, laboratories established for purposes of supporting an entity’s principal business are not classified to Code 4511. For example, Code 4511 is not applicable to research, development, or testing laboratories of manufacturers. Specific examples of operations not included in Code 4511 are pharmaceutical research, development, and testing operations that are performed by insureds that also manufacture pharmaceuticals.

This classification includes both laboratory and outside employees, collectors of samples, and drivers. These outside employees may engage in the collection of samples away from the lab and test samples at the collection site or test samples at the lab. In either event, these employees are classified to Code 4511, provided their employer qualifies for this code.

Code 4511 is applicable to various types of research, development, or testing laboratories in the areas of medicine, pharmacology, toxicology, microbiology, geophysical research, and metallurgy, as well as other scientific fields. Since the laboratories included in Code 4511 are not homogeneous, there may be a considerable range of hazards from the standpoint of equipment or materials used by risks classified to Code 4511; however, the following should be considered for risks engaged in research and development that may involve the manufacture of prototypes. By definition, a prototype is a model or example upon which future production of an item may be based. Limited manufacture of “light” prototypes for research and development purposes is included in Code 4511.

For example, a lab that is doing research and development work to study how well a thermometer measures temperatures may manufacture a few thermometers for testing purposes using a limited number of hand tools. This is the nature of prototype manufacturing contemplated by Code 4511. If an insured manufactures a prototype such as a metal residence to study the properties of certain metals, this is not considered light manufacturing. This type of insured would not qualify for Code 4511 but would be assigned to the appropriate manufacturing class.

Representative operations that have been classified to Code 4511 include soil testing laboratories; building material (concrete, asphalt) testing laboratories; petroleum testing laboratories; analyzers of sand or gravel to determine if precious stones are present; transistor testers; radiography testing laboratories and risks that sterilize medical apparatus using an X-ray process; and ordnance testers.

Assaying risks perform the qualitative or quantitative analysis of a substance, especially an ore or a drug. These risks determine the chemical components contained in a substance or measure the substance.

Related Operations Not Classified to Code 4511:

If these risks also perform activities encompassed by Code 8601, they are assigned to Code 8601. Merely advising a client of test results of a technical nature does not constitute assignment to Code 8601. It is the operation(s) that is performed that determines the class, not the type of reports provided.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 0.56

Construction Exemption Required: No